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Traditional Colombian Wedding

No description

Emily Fisher

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Traditional Colombian Wedding

Before wedding
Soon to be groom surprises soon to be bride with a serenade
Priest blesses husband and wife
During wedding
Bride covered in mantilla
Las Arras
After the ceremony, the groom exchanges 13 coins with his bride
Symbolizing "what's mine is now yours"
Usually gives 13 coins
Symbolizing Jesus and his 12 disciples/apostles

Candle Ceremony
Traditionally, Colombian marriages include the candle ceremony
The bride and the groom both light their individual candles, then they take their candles and light one single candle. They then blow out their individual candles
Symbolizing that bride and groom are joined in one body for the rest of their lives
Traditional Colombian Wedding
Las Flores
Belt and Shoe Tradition
Music and Dance
Colombian Weddings
General Wedding Traditions
common dances:
Belt Tradition:
The men will take off all of their belts, and the one with the biggest belt length "wins"
Shoe tradition
All the single men at the wedding will put their shoes under the bride's dress
The bride chooses a shoe at random, and the shoe chosen belongs to the next groom
Like the garter tradition
Flowers on the bride, combined with the veil, symbolized purity
Follows the ideal of emulating the virgin Mary
Most weddings are very floral
Madrina de arrias
Similarities to....
Christianity Igbo Uri
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Imposition or Expression?
Similar to how dance is taught and then adjusted within certain constraints, traditional Colombian marriage involves a very Christian framework of marriage. that manifests itself in the presence of the priest and the rings
Ceremonies such as the belt comparison (apparent importance of girth), salsa dancing, and Las Arras represent an exposition of culture
The most important element of the marriage is the togetherness of family and friends celebrating the couple- a fairly universal concept.
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