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on 30 December 2014

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Transcript of Presentation

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1- Company description .
2- Market analysis .
3- Competition .
4- Management team .
5- Operation .
6- Financial projection
AlRyadh is a start up company that will be established
in 2016 . It is a financial service company that serves
Tabuk city with top quality of consulting and
financial services through team have
high qualifications and using high technology .
Presentation Outline
To provide financial advisory services and specialized financing, professional manner beyond expectations, and build long-term relationships with our customers in Saudi Arabia
The Mission
Company Profile
Alryadh comany that provides all financial consulting for existing projects and future projects, financial planning and budgeting planning and field studies and make recommendations, and also provide organizational and administrative structures of companies and institutions and strategic planning for the management and selection of managerial competencies designed to build on the strengths and completeness of the basics of administration .
Description of the initial service
also provides a review of the financial statements and comments around, and a review of the application of the internal procedures of the facility and carrying out the internal auditor of the company institutions and government bodies with. And evaluate and develop internal controls for companies, institutions and give recommendations and advice around. And accounting systems design, development and preparation of regulations and procedures governing them.
Description of the initial service
AlRyadh operats several services
Financial Advisors
Management Consulting
Tax and zakat Consulting
Accounting and Auditing Consulting
Business location
AlRyadh company will be located at Al-Olaya 2 street in Tabuk .It is an active area and close to most of customers .The company will rent a land and construct a 2- floor building ,the first floor will be allocated for the male section and the second floor will have the offices for the ladies section.
Direct competitors :
There are no competitors at the moment in the region of Tabuk.
In direct competitors : The commercial banks proviede financial consulting when it customer take the loans .

Target Market
AlRyadh Co. targets Money and companies owners both male and female clients from high class in Tabuk region .
Marketing Strategy
AlRyadh markets its service as a solution to advisory needs in the tabuk city .Marketing strategy of Alryadh has a plan for marketing its services which includes service differentation ,provision of excellent customer service to increase and maintain customers ,and market share expansion
Marketing Mix Strategy
a. Product/Service

The Company offers high quality service and strives to offer the best financial experience for its customer which meets and exceeds clients' expectation by using an advanced technology.

b. Place

Alryadh be located in Al-Olaya 2 street , which is a crowded area , close to most of potential client and allows to reach destination .

c. Physical evidence
Since Alryadh is a service company the first impression is very important therefore ,the interior and exterior of design of the company should look profeesional . Employees' uniform ,brochures and every visual element should look smart.
d. Price , e. People , f.Process , g. Promotion

Competitive advantage
1- First mover in Tabuk financial market as a financial service .

2- Having a highly skilled team , highly qualification ,experience , good reputation ,and well trained staff and well managed fleet .

3- Using an advanced technology to offer high quality services .

4- The availability of several services in one place offered by the company .

Management team
Critical Risk
Internal Risk
1-Employee Risk.
2-Fire Risk.
3-Lack of financial resource.
4-Technology failure.
5-Politics and Mismanagement
External Risk
1- New competitors
2-Falling demand
3-Sharp increase in the runting and insurance cost

Financial projection
Net income at first year
SR 1,660,820
Net income at fifth year
SR 3,296,037
Break even point
SR 23,921,692
(Fixed expenses /Contribution Margin ratio)
Growth rate for sales value forecast increase 15% every year from 2016 until 2020
Financial Ratio
1-Total Asset Turnover
(sales /T.assets )
2016 : 178%
2017 :138%
2019 :97.28%
Financial Ratios
Profitability Ratio (Return on assets -ROA)=(Net Income/T. Assets)
2016 : 41.15%
2017 : 33.47%
2018 : 27.91%
2019 : 24.84%
2020 : 22.76%
Financial Ratios
3-Assets To -Equity Ratio (Total Assets/Owners Equity)
2016 : 1.10
2017 : 1.06
2018 : 1.06
2019 : 1.04
2020 : 1.03
3-Assets To -Equity Ratio (Total Assets/Owners Equity)
2016 : 1.10
2017 : 1.06
2018 : 1.06
2019 : 1.04
2020 : 1.03
Financial projection
Thanks For Watching

for Financial services

Prepared By:
Mona Saleh Sawadi
Maha Bashir Al-Balawi
Maha Hamza Khudayr

SWOT Analysis

• Technological skills.
• Service high quality .
• Offer of variety of service in one place .
• The strength of the experts the company hires

• Only one branch in the region.
• Limited financial resources .

Technological advance.
• An increase in the investment awareness of people , who become aware of the important of Preparing Feasibility analysis before entering of any investment .


• Entry of new competitors
• Potential economic recession
Strengths :
Alryadh Company
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