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ISIS: Another Pearl Harbor?

No description

Jenna Waters

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of ISIS: Another Pearl Harbor?

How much of this iceberg is under the surface?
ISIS: Another Pearl Harbor?
By looking back to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we can see the problem with Obama's plan.
December 7, 1941
The Japanese dreamed of building an empire across Asia. They began taking territory in Manchuria, China, Thailand, Burma, and the Philippines.

The Japanese saw the American fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor as a threat, so they made plans for a surprise attack to destroy it.
We see ISIS from the surface, but how much danger is floating just below the surface?
ISIS has killed thousands of innocent people, including children and prisoners.

ISIS is a threat far beyond the Middle East due to its large number of foreign fighters.

ISIS has threatened the United States and its allies.

Retired General John Allen says:“ISIS is at an entirely different level than Al-Qaeda was.”
How do United States officials plan to crush this iceberg? What is the problem hidden under the surface?
Obama's Plan
The United States plans to use a coalition of nations to conquer ISIS.

Secretary of State John Kerry states: "No decent country can support the horrors perpetrated by ISIS, and no civilized country should shirk its responsibility to help stamp out this disease.”

President Obama has a four part plan to defeat ISIS.
Where did ISIS begin?
ISIS began as a splinter group of Al-Qaeda in 2004, but it became its own organization after Al-Qaeda renounced all ties to ISIS in 2013.

The number of ISIS fighters has reached 20,000 in just Syria and Iraq.
President Obama's plan to defeat Isis does not have American soldiers fighting on foreign soil. He wants to conquer this enemy, but he is not fully committed to the fight. How is this a problem? Let's go back 74 years.
Learn From the Past
Can we learn from our nation's history, or are we simply going to repeat it?
ISIS stands for the Islamic state of Iraq and Al Sham
Al sham is an Arabic word meaning "Levant, Syria, or Damascus"
Is ISIS a Threat?
The Problem
The American people do not seem to be fully committed to purging the world of this deadly disease, just like they were not committed to their demands of Japan in 1941. In the past, this lack of commitment lead to a devastating attack. Will this similar lack of commitment protect American military personnel, or will it be the provocation for another attack that will be remembered for generations?
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