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The Westing Game


carlos logos

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of The Westing Game

The Westing Game Define the term conflict~ A struggle between opposing views or ideas. What is the main conflict of the story? Trying to win the Westing Game. Who/What is the inciting force (character or event) that
tiggers the conflict?
Sam Westing made the game
and invited sixteen heirs to play.
He fooled them into thinking
that one of the heirs was the
murdered. He persuaded them
by inheirtance of millions of dollars
to make them work even harder to win. Man vs. Man~ When two characters are againist eachother

Man vs. Nature~ when a character is againist there environment

Man vs. Society~ when a character is againist a group

Man vs. Self~ the character is againist there own emotions/self Which of the four types occur in the story? We think its Man vs. Society because
its Sam Westing virsus his sixteen heirs.
Sam Westing is againist sixteen heirs and he
manipulates them so that they don't find
his three other identies and that there was no murderer. Could the main conflict of the story occur in our world? Yes, its possible but its pretty unlikely that a multi millionair would fake his death and put his 16 heirs in an unreal game saying that if they win they would inherit his fortune.
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