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All I Want is a Womb Somewhere

No description

Mandy Kahlmeier

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of All I Want is a Womb Somewhere

"Artificial Wombs Will Spawn New Freedoms"
Nikki Olson & Hank Pellisier
Ethical Technology ---Posted: Dec 20, 2011 "All I Want is a Womb Somewhere" Policy
Response To Be...
Or Not to Be...
Born, THIS Way Policy
Proposal Born...
What Way? What's the
Tech? I'm on the right track baby,
I was Born This Way!
LET IT RUN! Regulation No one should be Born This Way!
TOTAL BAN FOR AGAINST Create the optimal/desired "placenta" environment 9 Month Gestation Hatch-it? "Born This Way - Lady Gaga
2011 Brave New World, 1932 Avatar, 2009 Splice, 2009 Don't worry, not all pod/egg born
babies are evil... The Matrix, 1999 Dali,
“Geopoliticus Child Watching
the Birth of Man.” 1943 The Artificial Womb
(is only the tip of the iceberg) Panel:
Adam Klassen
Jennifer Chuang
Erika Heinrich
Janelle Wilson Presentors:
Mandy Kahlmeier
Andrew Mun What does it
mean to be
pod-born? Why is it so controversial? Policy
Response Panel
Discussion "Eggs were first. Millions of years before mammals, eggs existed, their hard shells protecting the incubating embryo inside. Egg Mom wanders mobile, light in her anatomy—unlike her mammalian sister that waddles around, heavily crippled with the burden of her womb. Eggs were an evolutionary smart idea." "Ectogenesis" Implant a test-tube
fertilized egg into an artificial womb;
using IVF
synthetic womb
hybrid organic/synthetic
extracted uterus
stem cell grown uterus external pump
liquid solution
polymer mixtures
nutrient rich
chemical compounds that reduce and eliminate waste monitor fetal growth
monitor rate at which materials are pumped in and out of the womb
optimize, customize monitor nutrient exchange Current Canadian Position, AHRA
Section 5. (1) No person shall knowingly
(d) maintain an embryo outside the body of a female person after the fourteenth day of its development following fertilization or creation, excluding any time during which its development has been suspended;
(a) create a human clone by using any technique, or transplant a human clone into a human being or into any non-human life form or artificial device;
(h) for the purpose of creating a human being, make use of any human reproductive material or an in vitro embryo that is or was transplanted into a non-human life form;

Chief Justice McLachlin in Re Assisted Reproduction Act:
Are these the "baby farms" she so fervently fears?

UNESCO tried to prohibit putting a cloned cell into a uterus of a woman
Japan has banned implantation into a human or animal but not an artificial device...
UK – “places within a woman” – nothing about artificial womb... The return of the "Yuk Factor!" If we ban it, will we create a 'pod-baby tourism' problem?
A black market baby smuggling ring? allow for the development of private industry, free market economy

equal access for all who can afford it Other jurisdictions
Only allow entirely artificial/synthetic wombs
Establish the quota of pod-babies per year
State-funded technology, no private industry or use
Restrict use to high-risk pregnancies, infertility, homosexual couples
Changes in regulation of abortion
disallow "do-it yourself"
in your
basement" Commodification (bear in mind that IVF is already a highly commercial industry)
Cloning: if you wanted to create a clone army/mass produce...
The evolution of abortion? A whole NEW debate?
How much of a woman's right to abortion is about her right to control her own body? What about the right to control her genes/procreation?
Development of the Child
Unknown what the effects of artificial womb gestation has on child birth and development (see: Infant Developmental Movement Education) (breastfeeding)
Could deprive child of special bonds with mother (warrior race?) "Liberating" Technology
Pregnancy is such a pain...
Oh---so THIS is how women can 'have it all?'
Removes restrictions on procreation (gay couples, older couples, infertile couples) A viable alternative to the “scantly regulated, globalized surrogacy industry that is currently developing.”
Paid surrogacy is exploitative (although illegal in Canada)
Surrogate mothers won't become attached It's safer/better?
there are no stairs to fall down
we can more easily fix developmental problems & premature births
balanced nutrition
protection from HIV, drug and alcohol ingestion
a life-saving option for babies of terminal mothers Clone-enabling "What's a pod-born scum like you doing in my Corps?" The end of abortion?
"trump politics" and "end the abortion debate" (Algharani 196). Advances in embryology, most of which is still a mystery (Yuko at 67) The Dignity Card
Will safer gestation lead to an obligation to use artificial wombs? May adversely affect the traditional dynamic of the nuclear family that Western civilization is so fond of
Chia Pet Problem?
Impact on the welfare system of all these 'saved' fetuses who become wards of the state? Population control? We don't want people ordering more children than they can support Pro-Artificial Wombs is Anti-Woman (creativist-expression theory) simply allows the choice between artificial or "au naturale" Regulation balance public fears
scientific advancement leave abortion law
as it is...
recognize the right of
control to create
offspring regulate the
use of human uteri in the creation of a synthetic/organic hybrid set limits on the number
of babies
a couple can
produce via
artificial wombs projected availability of this technology
is 2055 ? + social and
ethical concerns But first... who is for it?
Who is for regulation?
Who is for a total ban?
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