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The Ultimate Band: Journey to the Unknown

This is my ultimate band made from Andrew Abesamis

Andrew Abesamis

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of The Ultimate Band: Journey to the Unknown

Journey to the Unknown developed by: Andrew Abesamis Band members The Singer:
Arnel Pineda The Guitar player:
Andrew Abesamis The Bass player:
Saul Hudson AKA
Slash The Drummer: Deen Castronovo Born on September 5, 1967
Has been the lead singer of Journey since December 5, 2007
Published albums such as, "Revelation" in his first year from joining Journey Born on January 8, 1998
Has performed in both Winter Concerts from last year and this year at Cadwallader Middle School Why Arnel is in the band The unique sound of his voice when he sings, almost sounds just like the original Journey singer, Steve Perry. Why Andrew is in the band The very excellent precision and timing on notes and chords. Also the leader/producer of the band. Born on July 23, 1965
Has been the lead guitarist of the band, Guns N' Roses since June 1985
Played classical songs such as Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, and Paradise City Why Slash is in the band His excellent skill and playing techniques on both the guitar and bass. Born on August 17,1965
Has been the drummer of the band, Journey since 1998
Has performed in four of Journey's albums including the album, "Revelation" Why Deen is in the band His slow paced playing on the drums keeps the band together and really sets the emotion in the songs he plays.
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