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QR Codes in the [Art] Classroom

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Ronda Sternhagen

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of QR Codes in the [Art] Classroom

QR Codes in the [Art] Room?
You Bet!

Ronda Sternhagen
Grundy Center MS/HS
What is a
QR Code?
Quick Response Code.

First developed in Japan in the 1990s to track cars during manufacturing.
QR Code is a registered trademark of DensoWave Industries.

QR Codes can...
Hold more information than bar codes.
Link to:
Website URLs (Universal Resource Locator)
Audio files
Plain text
And more...
Some QR Codes have more pixels, meaning the information (link, text, etc.) has more characters to represent.
Anatomy of a QR Code
What do I need
to read a QR Code?

Smart phone or Tablet
Check your device's app store
i-nigma = free, many others free

Mac-AdobeAIR (version 3.0)
QR Reader
Let's Try It!
Download a scanner to your smart phone and/or tablet.
What do I need
to create a QR Code?
There are a number of QR Code generator websites out there.
I like to use www.qrstuff.com.

To link to a website:
Copy the URL.
Go to www.qrstuff.com.
Paste in the website.
You can also select that it is a link to a URL on the left side.
Download the QR Code.
I like to use iPhoto to organize my QR Codes. I can name the file with the student's name, etc.
Audio Files...
Where do I store the audio file so it is accessible with a QR Code?
Store your audio files in the Public folder.
Copy the public link to the audio file.
Paste that URL into www.qrstuff.com.
Select that it is a Dropbox file.
How do I generate an audio file?
You can use a number of ways to record an audio file.
Saves as a m4a file.
Can convert to a mp3 file using www.zamzar.com.
E-mails the converted file to you.
Garage Band
Can export as a mp3 file.
Let's Try It!
Work individually or with a partner.
Use QuickTime or Garage Band to record a short audio clip.
Save it.

Let's Try It!
If you don't have Dropbox, I can send you an invitation. Just let me know.

Put your audio file in the public folder of Dropbox.
Copy the public link.
Paste link into www.qrstuff.com.
Select that it is a Dropbox file.
Generate QR Code.
How do you use QR Codes with a laptop?
How do I use QR Codes in my Art Room?
Record younger students talking about their art.
Record older students reading written artist statements about their art.

These can be used as assessment pieces.

The possibilities are endless!
Links to Lessons
Artist Guitars
Artist Guitars
Research Page
Music-inspired Livestock Marker Painting
Wire Sculptures
How to record audio files in Garage Band
for attending!

Using QR Codes with Plain Text
I use QR Codes linked to plain text, so photography students can have the assignment requirements in their pocket when they are out of the room taking photos.
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