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Event Management

World Expo

Antonio Luis Cardoso Martins

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Event Management

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli World of Hospitality World Expo Cultural Diversity

Hospitality Industry

Team Organisation Marketing
International Guests
Embassy’s Officer
Hospitality Industry
Local Society Marketing Plan Décor Kids Club Introduction Shanghai World Expo 2010

Divided into sections by different cultures and
decorated with ornaments Guest: 400-500 VIPs from hotel industry and embassies

Seating for VVIPs

Audio, Lightning and Performance stages

Emergency Plans and First Aid

Security Staging Mont Blanc Palace
Lobby-Welcoming & FB
Chimney room-Kids CLub
Market Place, Mont Blanc Restaurant, Grand Hall-F&B
Grand hall-Cocktails, Performances, Exhibition of cultural diversity
Libary and Events Gallery-Exhibition of Mont Blanc History
Club Maxx-VIP Lounge
Fairmont & FB Class-workshops

Different rooms-Different culture Venue Violinist
Traditional Dances
Mixology Artist Entertainment Total Budget 11,000 CHF
Cocktails -2000 CHF
F&B 3500 CHF
Entertainment 1000 CHF
Decoration 1200 CHF
Human Resources 500CHF
V.I.P Areas 1000 CHF
Uniforms 2000CHF Budgetting SEG Staff
Sponsors Admissions Que and crowd management systems
Check in services and guest information Control Systems Kids Club
Tour guides
Information Desks
Medical services/ Emergency services
Guest hosts and greetings
VIP sections Attendee Services FnB would provide a dining area in each section of WOH which would be divided into sections
(areas)Casual seating plans for the elderly Seating Plans
Mise en Place

The Actual Event
Fine dining
Swiss hospitality touch
Showcase of entertainment skills
Banqueting skills

Shut Down
Equipment check lists
Alcohol check lists The Event Breakdown F&B Service Portrayal Any Question? Thank You Any Questions? THANK YOU ? ? ? ? ? Transportation
Waste Management
Labor Infrastruture Safety and Security


Medical Services F&B Service Provided Service
Buffet Fine Dining Finger foods
Gastronomic and exquisite finger foods from different cultures
Special Ethnical Dishes for finger foods
Traditional beverages such as: Moroccan tea, Laban Iraan, Kamar il deen
Healthy options Davinda Lounge
Lottery Vendors Volunteers Promotion of national /ethnic traditions Cleaning
Front desk / Welcome desk Support Staff ?
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