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•Why did the artists choose these subjects? What was their a

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Rachel Whipp

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of •Why did the artists choose these subjects? What was their a

Visions of America: Industry
Rachel Whipp
Pop Culture and the Arts Arts/125
Professor Bellack

•The artist chose this subject because he wanted to capture America's growing industrialism. It was a celebration of modern industy. The appeal of the factory was best put by Calvin Coolidge " The man who builds a factory builds a temple, that the man who works there worships".
•Large factories were a big part of American national identity at the time.
•I think this painting reflects that Charles Sheeler appreciated the United States growing industry. The painting depicts a very clean, effecient factory.
•This painting is of a factory called the River Rouge Complex that produced Model A's. The factory was very large, The largest integrated factory at the time. The Rouge produced 12,000 cars a day and the factory employed 75,000 people. It encompassed where the U.S was headed leading the world in industry.

Detroit Industry Mural/North Wall , 1932–1933 Diego M. Rivera
•Deigo Rivera like Sheeler was impressed and inspired my the Rouge factory. He wanted to capture the relationship between man and machinery.
•The painting depicts the inner workings of the factory and the workers within. Rivera's mural captures the work of the typical working man of that era, the factory worker.
Rivera wanted to capture the harmony of men working with machinery inside the factory. I think that Rivera had respect for the thousands of hard working men within these factories making it possible to manufacture on such a large scale.
• The innovation depicted in Rivera's mural is the large scale factory mass producing cars. The painting depicts the interdependence between man and machines. The Rouge was the first of it's kind. It allowed for thousands of cars to by made using the latest technogy and advances in machinary.

The Shelton with Sunspots , 1926
Georgia O’Keeffe
Idea 4
Doss, E. (2002, April). Oxford History of Art: Twentieth-Century American Art. Cary, NC, USA: OUP Oxford. Retrieved from ebrary, 289.

Ford Motor Company. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://corporate.ford.com/company/history.html

Classic Landscape , 1931
Charles Sheeler
•Georgia O'keeffe chose to paint a skyscraper because she was in awe of the beautiful massive buildings popping up all around. She was amazed because the structures were cutting edge.
•Georgia chose to paint a skyscraper to show that America was leading the world in art and design. She said " America is the country of the art of the future".
•The painting depicts O'Keeffes love of skyscrapers and America advancing into the future. She believed skyscrapers depicted the amazing architecture and advancement of the United States.
• Georgia's painting shows the innovation of America by the sheer size of the structures. The U.S was moving into a new age of amazing and artistic structures. The skyscrapers were a modern concept that saved space and took architecture to a new level. The painting encompasses America's desire to be the best.
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