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Leadership Project 3

The project I did for leadership in week 3.

Isaiah Pack

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Project 3

My Goal: Leadership Project 3 How is this goal How do I measure this goal? Well, it's pretty simple: How is this goal I have every resource to complete this goal. The only thing I need to complete it is food to keep me alive, without processed sugar in it. I have plenty of that! How is this goal I am willing to complete this goal, and it is more than possible to complete it (even though some people don't think so). How is this goal Even though you may not think this goal has a timetable, it very obviously does. I will not eat sugar this week. That's it. Period. This whole week is the timetable for not eating sugar. SMART Goals:
The Goal Is--

Timely How is this goal Specific? Measurable? Attainable? Realistic? Timely? What does it mean to be... Specific: The goal has to be detailed, not broad far or close you have gotten to the goal Measurable: You have to be able to measure how Attainable: You need to have the tools and ability to
complete the goal Realistic: You have to be willing to complete the goal, and it has to be possible Timely: The goal must have a time frame Conclusion this goal? Did I complete My SMART goal for this week is to eat no processed sugar at all. This goal is the most specific it can get--hardly any details. I'm pretty sure I am okay for this aspect. If I don't partake of any sugar, I complete my goal. The more sugar I eat, the farther away from my goal I will get (and I can't get closer if I am far away). Well, I have just explained a way to measure this goal, so I am okay. Yes, I have been perfect this week on not eating sugar. It feels good to be healthy, and it feels good to accomplish a goal I set out to accomplish. I will definitely use SMART more often on my goals.
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