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Nate Night with Deiss

Welcome to the late night radio talk show

Mike Deiss

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Nate Night with Deiss

Late Night With Deiss With your host,
Mike Deiss Well I'm glad to be here folks, bringing late night radio to you
fine folks tonight, and hopefully many more to come So tonight I will tell you fine folks a little something about myself I was born in the city of Naperville to Pat and Steve Deiss, and lived in a small apartment until I was 1 year old. Then we moved to the small farm town of Dekalb where I lived for the next 19 years. I had many good times in this small town. When I was 2 I was intoduced to one of my best friends, Chris Kedzie. Oh we had many good times here, riding bikes, playing video games, watching movies, and even making up games of our own. You see folks, back in thoses days, time were different. Video games were still on the finges of society so kids had to actually go outside and use their imaginations if they wanted to have any sort of fun.
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