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The Westing Game

No description

Emily Schwab

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The Westing Game

Chris Theodorakis
Chris Theodorakis is a disabled boy in a wheelchair who loves birdwatching and is really smart just doesn't speak right, he gets medical help by Dr. Denton Deere and appreciates everyone as well as everyone should appreciate him.
Grace Wexler
Featuring: Gwyneth Paltrow
Jake Wexler
Angela Wexler
Featuring: Emily Osment
Featuring: Bryan Cranston
The Westing Game
By: Emily & Skyla

Berthe Erica Crow
Turtle Wexler
Otis Amber
Doug Hoo
Flora Baumbach
Sandy McSouthers
Theo Thodorakis
Barney Northrup
Denton Deere
J.J Ford
James Shin Hoo
Madame Hoo
Dr. Sydney Sikes
Samuel W. Westing
Julian R. Eastman

Featuring: Willow Shields
Featuring: Paul Walker
Grace Wexler is a money loving lady! She claims to be the heiress and Sam Westing as her uncle Sam. She is an interior decorator and a restauranteur. She owns a chain of 10 restaurants. She is married to Jake Wexler and has two daughters: Angela Wexler and Turtle Wexler. She adores Angela and despises Turtle. Her motive is to win The Westing Game. Her favorite daughter is the oldest, Angela Wexler.
Turtle Wexler is a tomboy, who always wears a braid and kicks people whenever someone touches her braid. She is hated by her mother and jealous of her sister, but deeply she truly cares about them. She feels like Flora's daughter and is smarter than she looks. Her best friend is Sandy McSouthers and she has a great relationship with Flora baumbach.
Featuring: Koena Mitra
Berthe Erica Crow "Crow" is a cleaning woman at Sunset Towers. She works at "Good Salvation Soup Kitchen." She has a bad past and a connection to Sam Westing. She has a secret relationship with Otis Amber. She is very religous and wears all black, all the time.
Angela Wexler is the "perfect" one in the Wexler family. She is the fiance of Denton Deere, her mother favors her and her sister is jealous of her, but Angela does not really like having her mother make choices for her she wants to have her own say in what she wants to do. You could say she doesn't always want to be "trapped" she wants to be "free." Throughout the Westing game, Angela starts to stand up for her beliefs and her own choices.
Sandy McSouthers is the Sunset Towers doorman. He is Turtle Wexlers best friend. His Westing connection is that he got fired from the Westing paper Products company from Sam Westing and since he lost his job he lost his money, so Sandy McSouthers was somewhat poor. That was his story "disguise," though. Sandy McSouthers appears to be one
one of the 4 characters of Sam westing, so Sandy McSouthers was Sam Westing.
Featuring: Michael Fassbender
Featuring: Jeff Bridges
Sam Westing, a.k.a Sandy McSouthers, Barney Northrup, and Julian R. Eastman is a two million dollar bussness man and the owner of Westing Paper Products Cooperation. He is the owner of the Westing Estate/House. He is also the creator of the Westing Game. Every year he throws Fourth of July parties and he is the master at chess. He had a daughter named Violet Westing who commited suicide, because of not wanting to marry George Theodorakis. His maiden name is Wndy Windklppel, he changed it, because he thought it was a bad name for business.
Featuring: Jamie Bell
Otis Amber is a 60 year old delivery boy, and had an iQ of 50. He has a secret relationship with Crow and he appears to be a private investigator hired by J.J Ford and Sam Westing to find out information about each heir. He always wears an aviators helmet.
Sydelle Pulaski
Featuring: Sharon Stone
Sydelle Pulaski is the heir that is the "mistake" she is the one that is hardly noticed and she is so desperate for attention that she fakes being hurt by using crutches for her "injury" and painting them bright purple. She wears green rhinestone glasses and pattered dresses. She is a secretary for Shultz Sausages.
Featuring: Alfre Woodard
J.J Ford is one of the people that takes everything seriously and one of the smartest people there. Judge Ford's Westing connection is that her parents were slaves for Sam Westing and she lived in the Westing house with Sam Westing, he payed for her education, and they wold always would play chess together and he always won. She knew one of his famous tricks, the "Westing chess trick," it was... the "Queen's sacrifice." She was not a big fan of Sam Westing he would always tease her everyday and be cruel to her, she was not fond of Sam Westing.
Doug Hoo is star track athlete, whose dad is always worrying about his studies. Doug is always pushed by his dad, to "study, study,study!" He likes to make fun of Turtle a lot and won the Olympics. Doug Hoo also bet Turtle on entering the Westing House on Halloween night.
Denton Deere is a doctor who is engaged to Angela Wexler. He helps Chris with is disability. Denton Deere is also an intern.
Featuring: Yoo Ji Tae
James Shin Hoo is the father of Doug Hoo and encourages education. He is the owner of a restraunt and is very serious and bold. His latest invention is paper innersoles which he created in Westings Paper Products company. Mr. Hoo was stern and serious in business.
Featuring: John Cho
Jake Wexler is a podiatrist. He is married to Grace Wexler and has two girls, Angela Wexler and Turtle Wexler. He first starts to forfiet the Westing Game and helps out Madame Hoo with her English.
Flora Baumbach is a dressmaker who acts like Turtle's mother and used to have a daughter of her own. Flora is gentle, kind and caring, and her and Turtle have a great relationship. She also made Violet Westing's wedding dress even though Violet died before she could even wear it.
Featuring: Melissa McCarthy
Sydney Sikes is a friend of Sam Westings. He was in the car at the time of the car crash with Sam Westing. Sydney Sikes is also a doctor.
Theo Theodorakis is Chris Theodorakis' brother. He is a writer and a good storyteller and author. He gets married to Turtle Wexler. He also works in the coffee shop located in Sunset Towers.
Catherine Theodorakis
Featuring: Alec Baldwin
In the Westing Game, there are at least 16 heirs that start playing the Westing Game together to find out who murdered Sam Westing. Although they might not know each other, they still have to work together to find out the truth of the Westing Game. Soon they discover that there has been a bomber, burglar, and a murderer. Will they find clues to lead them to answers? Sam Westing is ready for his last and final game, the "Westing Game." Mysteries are wandering ready for excitement. The heirs must seek the truth of what appears in the Westing Game!!
Featuring: Zack Wenstein
Featuring: Salma Hayek
Mrs. Theodorakis is the mother of Chris and Theo Theodorakis and wife of George Theodorakis. She was also the victim of the 1st bombing.
Featuring: Chris Hemsworth
Featuring: Chen Ting
Madame Hoo is married to James Shin Hoo and she is desperate to go back to China, so she decides to steal people's could sell them to afford to go back to China. Which we discover she is the burgular. She does not speak very could English and does not understand much, but Jake Wexler is helping her. She is very shy and quiet
Featuring: Steve Carrell
Barney Northrup is one of the characters that Sam Westing plays. Barney Northrup is also the salesman that sells the heirs their apartments at Sunset Towers.
Featuring: Gerard Butler
Julian R. Eastman is the lawyer who reads the reading of the will at Sam Westing's funeral. Julian R. Eastman is also one of the characters that Sam Westing plays. He is "Sam Westing."
George Theodorakis
Featuring: Derek Theler
George Theodorakis is a coffee shop owner at Sunset Towers. He did have a high school lover who happened to be Violet Westing. They both wanted to marry each other but Violets mother wouldn't let them. Violet commited suicide before her wedding because her mother made her marry the senator. George Theodorakis is also the husband of Catherine Theodorakis and the dad of two high school boys, Chris Theodorakis and Theo Theodorakis.
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