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Human rights

No description

Allison Fitzhugh

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Human rights

Human rights
What are human rights ?
Is it just abuse or starvation?
Is it dictatorship?
Who really knows?
How do they effect us ?

Struggles and obstacles
Forced Marriage
Many woman are forced to marry men who are many years older than them. In fact some of these men are old enough to be their grandfathers. After they are married, many of these men abuse and threaten these woman. Forced marriage is a very serious issue that takes place in many countries. You might say, "Can't these woman just refuse to marry a man if they didn't want to?" Of course they can-but, many who refuse are beaten or kidnapped for protesting.
Starvation and Poverty
Third world countries are known for Poverty and Starvation. Men, woman, and children go days (maybe even a week) without food or water. They get to the point where they are so weak and so thin that their bodies can't function properly and eventually, they die. There are many organizations who aim to help end world hunger and poverty, but there is only so much they can do to help.
Let's look further into it and find out ...
Human rights!
Everyday people all around the world deal with human rights struggles and issues. Here are just a few examples of issues these people face.
1. Child labor
2. Sexual abuse
3. Slavery
4. Dictatorship
5. Starvation and poverty
6. Forced marriage
7. Children crossing boarders
8. Bullying

Human Rights

In the United States, we have outlawed slavery and fought against it but slavery still exists. Studies show that there were 30 million slaves in 2013 alone. Almost 9 million of these slaves were children.
Sexual abuse is probably one of the most popular human rights issues discussed. Many woman and children are raped and/or abused. Sexual abuse is usually connected with drugs, forced marriage, and slavery. Although these are very popular causes for sexual abuse, there are many other reasons also, such as men with anger issues ...
Children crossing boarders
This may not seem like a very popular issue but this happens on a daily basis. Children trying to cross boarders into different countries illegally is a very heartbreaking thought. It's not heartbreaking because they are entering a new country, it's heartbreaking because of the violence and difficulties that are involved with crossing a country boarder illegally.
This form of government usually ends up enslaving and hurting people. The holocaust is an example of this terrible form of so called 'leadership'. Dictatorship allows people no freedom or equality. The Holocaust is an example of the absence of human rights.
We've focused on the main human rights issues. Now, let's look at the positive.
Yes, there are issues and struggles people face but the good news is-we can help. There are many organizations and bold people who strive to end or reduce these problems. This is known as Hope in Humanity.
So what are human rights?
Human rights are the rights we have simply because we are human.
Freedom and equality for everyone is a tough cause to fight for and it may never happen. But, if one country united, we could feed thousands of starving souls. Obviously, that wouldn't completely end starvation, but it would keep more than a thousand people alive.
Here is a video on human rights..it's very inspiring and I would encourage you to watch it.
BTW-you may need to turn the sound in the background off.
This issue is such a common thing we see almost everyday in schools and society. Children, adults, and teens are picked on or put down for many reasons. Maybe it's because of weight, grades, relationships, money, family, a mistake they made in the past- many other reasons could be listed. But whatever the cause, it's unacceptable and doesn't portray equality for every human being.
There are many organizations designed to speak up against bullying but as we know, that doesn't mean these organizations will abolish it.
Helpful Solutions
Hope in Humanity
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