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Music at UNIS

A scaffold for development of the UNIS Music Program.

Emma Burns

on 2 December 2009

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Transcript of Music at UNIS

Music at UNIS Proposals for Development Music Development Overview: A five year Strategic Plan Classroom After School Activities At Present Proposal A Total of Nine Musical Activities (not including MSHS Musical Production)
Arts only days in place for Elementary and Middle/High School Future plans include band and choir days (2010) and 'Music for All' days (2011) Human Resources Musical Ensembles Coordinator Adaptation of Job description Sound Technician Restructuring of Department Position proposed in 2008 and 2009.
20% release time in exchange for coordinating ensembles and MRISA cultural exchange. Ensembles become part of music teachers' job description. Five ensembles therefore equate to 20% of full-time teaching load A full time technician for music
Responsible for sound and lighting for all school productions
Assistance in recording student work in the classroom
Maintanance of sound equipment Establishment of a D-12 Arts HOD
Creation of Coordinator roles for ES and MSHS Art, Drama and Music Students who successfully graduate from the UNIS Music Program develop a love for learning music in their chosen field (ie instrumental/vocal). UNIS Music Students will develop confidence and competence on their chosen instrument, taking risks beyond their UNIS education in having the ability and confidence to play in or develop their own musical ensemble within their adult communities becoming lifelong learners of music. After School Activities at present: proposal: A total of nine musical ensembles (not including MSHS Musical Production)
Arts only days in the ES and MSHS. Creation of Band and Choir days (2010) and "music for all" days (2011) Curriculum
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