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Kyle Hand

No description

Kyle Hand

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Kyle Hand

Kyle Hand
Things I Enjoy
I like watching basketball, my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. My favorite player is Kyrie Irving.The team i hate the most is Oklahoma Thunder.Go Cav's!!
I love Playstation. My favorite game is is either Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto V.
I have two brothers and one sister.My older brother is 15 and goes to Timken highschool. My younger sister is 2.My younger brother is 4 and is starting preschool this year.My mother is a registered nurse.My step-father works on an oil rig.
The end!!!!
By: Kyle Hand
I used to have 3 dogs and 2 cats, but we recently got rid of our 2 cats and 2 of the dogs.Now the only pet i have is an Alaskan Husky who is fully trained.His name is Rosco.
About me.
I was born on August 7th 2000 at Aultman hospital.When i was 8 years old i broke my first bone, and had my first surgery, I was at school playing on the playground and a kid ran into me and i fell on my arm backwards and snapped it in two places. I have played football before in the 4th grade. It didn't go well since i really had no skill at the time.
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