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Personal Computer System

No description

Ernesto Omar Quispe Cajan

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Personal Computer System

Personal Computer System
The Software consists of programs that are run on the computer:
A few examples of software are operating systems like Windows and Linux, web browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and games like Diablo.
The Hardware is the mechanical and electrical equipment of the computer, or the physical parts that you can touch.
The parts of the Hardware:

The main part or the brain of the computer is the CPU which processes all input and output of the computer. Another part of the hardware is the main memory. The programs are actually run in Random Access Memory (RAM) and other instructions for the running of the computer are stored in Read Only Memory (ROM). The final parts of a Personal Computer are the peripherals.
They consist of Input devices, output devices and Storage Media.
Output devices are what display or play information. Some examples are monitors, printers and speakers.
Storage devices are used to store information and there are multiple types. There are Optical drives, magnetic drives and flash drives.
Input devices are what the user uses to interact with the computer. Input devices include devices like a keyboard, mouse and microphone.
Keyboards are used for writing text or entering commands to control the operating system or other programs. Keyboards may include alphanumeric, function, and arrow keys.
The mouse is used for controlling the cursor on a graphical user interface. A mouse can have 1 button or multiple buttons and can either have a ball or an optical sensor for tracking movement. It can also be wireless or wired.
Microphones are used for recording voice or music. A microphone may be integrated into the computer, part of a headset or on the table top.
Ernesto Quispe Cajan
Andres Sanchez Barrigas
Fabian Farias Figueroa
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