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Copy of My Utopia Project

By:Laura Eisert 4th period January 9,2012

Hamdoon Hamad

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of My Utopia Project

My Utopia Project Midtopiavale By:Laura Eisert 10 most important rules Monitering & Law Enforcement 1. Every building has a security system. 2. Cameras are located all over. 3. Speakers allow each individual to communicate with the government. 4. police officers patrol the community. Money 1. All money is controlled by the government. 2. Each working individual receives money each month. 3.The amount they earn is based on how much they accomplish at work. 4. After recieving their money the individual gets to use it for any thing they want. punishments 1. Punishments vary according to how serious the offense was and who broke the rule. 2. the less important breaches are punished by fines, community service, ect. 3. Some punishments are;
time in the block, release, and relocation.
But these are just a few and there are many other punishments. Education 1. Every child is required to attend school between the ages of 5 and 15.
School is then optional untill they are 20. The more schooling they recieve is a determining factor in their future job and pay. 2. School days are from 8am-6pm.
mon.-fri. except on holidays. Employment & Careers Jobs and Employment are controlled by the government. Everyone has a job, Unless they don't want one.
They Usually get one they wanted. work days are from 8-6 everyone gets two hours lunch Freedoms, Privileges, and Liberties 1. every one has the fredom of religion 2. Every one also has the freedom and responsibility to make choices for themselves. 3. Every one is treated fairly. Technology Avaliable 1. Every house has a tv already installed.
the family can use tv or not what ever they decide to do. 2. Other technology can be bought through the stores. 3. Other than the tv all electronics and technology is paid for out of their own pocket. 4. All information avaliable is approved by the government and all of it is G-rated. We give everyone a house so no one is with out a house.
If they choose to they can live with family or live in the shelter. If showing that you can't handel owning a house then you either go to the shelter or you have to live with family, usually parents. We encourage having food storage for at least a year. If you don't have food or money to buy food you can go to the shelter at meal times (with a card given by a police officer that says you can eat at the shelter) and they feed you. the government does have food storage for the whole community. Just in case there is a famine, and people fun out of food. We punish racist, and prejudice behavior hopefully that will dicourage this type of behavior. we also punish violence and rudeness for the same reasons. 10. No racist, or prejudice behavior 9. No violence or rudeness 8. Only police officers are allowed weapons We avoid jelousy, hatred, and war as best we can by treating every one as fairly and equally as possible. We also don't allow weapons. So we do what we can and hope it works. medicine & health care 1. all medications must be prescribed by a trained doctor. 2. everyone serves the community as best they can untill they become to old to work. 3. then they either live with family or they live in the old home.
Where they are cared for untill they die. Travel & Relocation travel within the community is common and usually by bicycle. going out side the community is not as common if not being released or on official buisness they need to have a card from the government. If they have government permission anyone can move any where. Activities & Hobbies Common activities in the community are sports and arts. Video games are not so common because they are all based on school and learning. hobbies include scrapbooking, card making, and other crafts. reading and watching movies are also popular activities. farming & food distribution Out side the community their are so many farms to supply food to the stores who sell it to the people. a lot of food goes to the government to feed the poor and be saved in case of famine. media and enterainment as stated before tvs are already installed in each house and can be used to view live broad casts and watch movies. all entertainment and media is approved and monitered by the government. magasins and books can also be found in my community. 7. Everyone has the right to choose 6. Everyone must contribute to the community as best they can 5. No one is allowed outside after 10:30 at night 4. No one is allowed outside before 7:00 in the morning. 3. The homeless must be housed 2. The hungry must be fed 1. Murder is out lawed
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