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The Cruise Line Industry

A look into the industry and how our company can position itself to become a player.

Keyla Torres

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Cruise Line Industry

The Cruise Line Industry $27 billion industry
More than 230 ships
More than 18 million passengers a year.

source: Cruise Market Watch. 2009 The Players By the Numbers! Name of line # of boats Type of Dining Company Strategy Brand Recognition Quality Great to impress new customers Ideal to impress repeat customers We are after this type of consumers: Couples Baby Boomers Foodies Our 2010-2012 Goal To focus on the Luxury Cruise line segment as this will allow Eli's to be competitive without compromising quality or profits. Why has our success been limited? The nature of the industry- All you can eat deals Food is a sunk cost They have staff who makes desserts Our 2010 Goal Get into the following bids: 2010 TIMELINE May-August, 2010 Calls, presentations, product sampling Major Competitors On-Board Chefs Sarah Lee September, 2010 Bids October, 2010 Decisions come in
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