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The Evolution of Arthur Read

No description

Isabela Castro

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of The Evolution of Arthur Read

The Evolution of Arthur Read
Arthur: 1976
elongated nose, like an actual aardvark
striped, yellow shirt with pocket and pink buttons
concerned facial expression
light brown fur
tall ears
Arthur: 1980
very light chestnut fur
wide ears
elongated face
missing nose
yellow, striped sweater vest and red bow tie
light denim jeans
gleeful facial expression
Arthur: 1983
tan fur
slender face
yellow top
red bow tie
white shirt
tall ears
gleeful expression
Arthur: 1993
rosy cheeks
yellow, striped sweater vest
white dress shirt
missing nose
wide, round ears
Arthur: 2000s/present
Continuities: - Both Arthurs from the 1970s to the 1980s wore yellow tops.
- Arthur from 1976 is depicted wearing stripes just as Arthur from 1983.
Changes: - Arthur Read from the 1970s was illustrated with a long nose similar to that of an aardvark while Arthur from the 1980s had only nostrils and an elongated face.
- In 1976 Arthur wore a collared shirt with pink buttons and in 1983 Arthur wore a sweater vest with a red bow tie.
- Arthur experiences a change from the 70s to the 80s when he develops glasses.
Continuities: - Both Arthurs continue to wear glasses.
- Arthur in 1983 had the same rosy cheeks that Arthur in 1993 did.
Changes: - From 1983 to 1993 Arthur's face evolves from long and oval shaped to small and fairly round.
- In 1993 Arthur is seen in his well-known long sleeved sweater.
thick glasses
dark denim jeans
yellow sweater vest
white dress shirt
happy facial expression
red and white shoes
proportionate ears
From the late 1970s to present day the cartoon character Arthur Read from the Canadian/American television series,
, has always been illustrated in a yellow top and has constantly been portrayed as an anthropomorphic aardvark, despite these constants Arthur has also changed from having an extremely elongated face and nose to only having nostrils with a round face and has also developed glasses.
Arthur: 1990s-present
continuities: - Arthur retains his yellow long sleeved sweater vest from the 1990s to the present.
- Arthur continues to have round facial features through the 1990s to present day.
changes: - From the 1990s to the present Arthur is animated in more vibrant colors as time passes.
- In the 1990s Arthur has a light complexion and rosy cheeks while today he is illustrated in only solid colors.
From the 1970s to present day Arthur began to garner a more vibrantly colored appearance due to his transfer from being illustrated in books to being an animated cartoon. His appearance only continued to become brighter due to technological advancements during the time period between the 70s and today.
Arthur's nose became smaller over time due to his illustrator, Marc Brown, developing as an artist and changing his drawing style. This artistic development also prompted the changes in clothing and facial structure.
Global Connection
Arthur's evolution from the 1970s to today is similar to that of Mickey Mouse's from the 1930s to today. Arthur's changing design was prompted by the development of the artist's skills just as Mickey Mouse's design shifted along with the varying artists that worked on his design and their experience and artistic styles.
Global Connection
As Arthur gained more recognition it became increasingly difficult to drastically change his design while maintaining his reputation as a well known character, this is similar to Mickey Mouse's halt in design change which was also prompted by his fame and face recognition.
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