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So Far from the Bamboo Grove LA project

No description

Olivia VandePol

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of So Far from the Bamboo Grove LA project

So Far from the Bamboo Grove By Olivia VandePol
Trisha Shlegel
Jessica Horne First Main Event The first main event is when
Yoko and her family flee
thier home for safety.
They get to the train station
unharmed and start making
their way to Seoul. Second Main Event The train gets bombed and
they have to get off and travel
on foot to Seoul. Pages 1-2 Third Main Event Hideyo's factory gets invaded and he has to pretened like he's dead to stay alive. Page 39-42 Page 52-55 Forth Main Event Hideyo and his friends
travel on foot and make
thier way to Seoul. Pages 66-67 Fith Main Event Yoko and Family are in Seoul
and Yoko is getting her injury
treated Pages 78-79 sixth Main Event Hideyo had not gotten to Seoul yet
so Mother, Ko and yoko went to
Pusan where they waited again. Pages 84-85 Seventh Main Event Mother, Ko and Yoko get on a
boat and head to Japan Pages 90-91 Eighth Main Event Hideyo got caught up in
a snow storm and freezes
but colapses in a farm house
with the Kim family. Pages 99-100 Ninth Main Event Both of the girls are going
to school now but people
making fun of them. Pages 109-113 Tenth Main Event Mother dies and the girls
go to live with a nice lady
who offered them a room
in her factory. Pages 122-126 Eleventh Main Event Hideyo leaves the Kims and
gets to Japan and finds Ko
and Yoko. Pages 166-175
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