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Copy of NPO Team Report

No description

Irina Pascal

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of NPO Team Report

Our function
experience with a non profit organizations
Operation Book Club
Group 4
How we operate:
Why it works:
Use community as a pool of goods:
Students, parents, teachers
You need to buy books for next quarter.
Exchange this quarter's books
for credit.
Use credit to purchase next quarter's books.
Operation Book Club benefits from profit
System facilitates exchange of books,
saves students money.
We ask for donations: $$$
Our mission is to provide and facilitate the process of purchasing books and supplies for all education and grade levels by greatly reducing student’s costs through our exchange network of student and parent communities.
Our vision is a ‘skyscraper’ library of books; to have all Chicago students from all grades trade, donate, and purchase their books from OBC.
Service Delivery
We vow to use our skills to best stay on track with our mission, to be competitive and to constantly and creatively strive to grab share of the student market to fulfill their unmet needs.
“If you're for-profit, try to enact change through social entrepreneurship; if you are non-profit, think about sustaining your business!"- Matt Sheehan
SWOT Analysis
Irina Pascal - VP
Byron Hill - President
Marketing and Operations

Centralized for day to day. Ad Hoc for special events.
Provide volunteers with frameworks for making decisions
Conduct models to support the launching of programs and activities
Develop plans and manage best practices through engagement of team

Director of Volunteerism
Designs, plans and directs a volunteer program to augment the services of the regular staff. Oversees the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and scheduling of volunteer workers.

Volunteer Coordinator (2)
Provides day to day implementation of high quality youth programming

• Distribution of brochures

• Steans Center

• Posters

• Speaking to groups

• Notices in appropriate media

• Word of Mouth
Volunteers present to under served schools about what we do
-Committed staff

-Diversified staff, which leads to more perspective in terms of planning and identifying more possibilities to achieve our goals

-Intellectual capital

-Supportive Board

-Secular organization- anyone is welcome to be a donor and/or support our initiatives
-Opportunities in local media coverage have yet to be identified

-Lack of social networking outreach

-No existing website

-No existing inventory

-Task force being volunteers, can sometimes be unpredictable/unreliable

-Low pay might discourage paid workers
-Partnerships—opportunities for growth through partnerships are abundant

-Potential to significantly increase our network of partners through social media

-Board members of OBC are well connected, could bring more capable members on Board

-If contacted, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. could open up new doors of funding
-Fluctuations in economy—volatile economy could threaten our organizations ability to achieve our goals

-Competing organizations (especially those that may be better funded than OBC)

-Inactive Board—crucial that OBC acknowledge and reach out to donors and keep them connected

-Negative view of nonprofits—over the past several years there have been countless news stories about nonprofits large and small who have misused funds and/or misled donors

-Donors are becoming increasingly reluctant to give
Eat wings, raise funds
Karla Solis- Secretary
worked as a secretary for a non-profit organization for one year.
has great communication skills and organizational leadership skills.
Kiernan- Secretary
experience with external communication in non-profit organizations and government agencies as she worked as an intern at the Department of Energy and Library of Congress.
Board Members
Stephanie Spring, Make-A-Wish Foundation, CEO
Chris M. Kolber, Salvation Army Illinois Chapter, Immediate Past Chair
Art Mullin, DePaul University, Dean of Students
Stephen Etherington, finance professor, bank treasurer and expert in risk management.
Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, City of Chicago Coordinator
Haley Saalsaa
experience with external communication in non-profit organizations and government agencies as she worked as an intern at the Department of Energy and Library of Congress.
Oprah Winfrey loves books!
people invested in community enrichment
Carnivals, Concerts
Start-up company funding
Free Workshop: HandsOn Tech
Make T-shirts, sell them
Book sales
Social Media
-Purchase marketing space on Facebook
-Utilize FB & Twitter to connect with users, create image
-Update FB & Twitter constantly with news
-Upload video of every-day activity from different members
- Have monthly contests among schools, keep students and staff involved, parents and teachers informed
Print and Online Ads
Weaknesses are opportunities to grow,
and threats only make you try even harder.
Informational Pamphlets for volunteers to hand out
Be endorsed by a famous celebrity as a role model, run a campaign on the importance of school.
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