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This is what Ms. Nimi tells us to do.

Rimla Khan

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Lemons

citrus fruit
fragrant, acidic juice
thick skin What are Lemons? ORIGINATION Still a mystery
Scientists discovered it was cause for seamen sickness
First grown in South India, North Burma, and China Taste 5%-6% citric acid
key ingredient LEMONS WHAT ARE LEMONS USED FOR? CLEANING AGENT Mixing lemon and salt can clean copper
Mixing lemon and powder removes stains from plastic MEDICINAL Useful for aromatherapy
used in Indian medicines ELECTRICITY Attaching electrodes to lemons and using it as battery FOOD used for lemonade, soft drinks
marinading fish and meat
sides for flavor on chicken or nihari THE DIFFERENT VARIETIES BONNIE BRAE Smooth
thin skin
grown in San Deigo County MEYER LEMON Cross between lemon and orange
less acidic EUREKA grows year round
most common supermarket lemon THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!
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