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Apps for Learning: Great Educational Apps for Kids

Library program for parents.

Alicia Bunting

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Apps for Learning: Great Educational Apps for Kids

Great Educational Apps for Kids
Apps for Learning
Apps for Learning
Why use Apps for Learning?
Finding Great Apps
Monitoring Apps & Usage:
Contact Information:
Alicia Bunting,
Children's Librarian
Thank You!
It's important to monitor your child's usage and teach them how to use the device safely.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggest a child's screen time should be limited to 1 to 2 hours a day.
iPad was introduced in April of 2010 to the United States market.
Since then, Apps for kids have exploded into the iTunes store. There are over 20,000 educational apps available.
Will my child enjoy it?
Is it age appropriate?
What are the educational benefits?
Websites with Great App Reviews for Android and Apple Devices
There are many app review websites that will help keep you up to date on new apps and provide detailed information on those apps.
Some of these websites include:
Let's Take a Look at Some Fun Apps for Learning!
Keeping Your Device Safe
Invest in a waterproof hardcover case.
Password protect your apps from being accidentally deleted and from in-app purchases.
May want to invest in a Bubcap (papercliprobot.com)
Apps help digitize learning
Apps allow interactive learning
Check apps to see if it allows access to the Internet (Facebook, Youtube)
Talk to your kids about Internet safety.

To Help Answer These Questions:
Downloading Apps from the App Store
Apps allow for mobile learning
Our children are 21st Century Students. They are digital natives.
46% of children have read an ebook up from 25% in 2010.
Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report
January 2013
Go to Apple Store App or Google Play App by touching the preinstalled app on your device.
Search for the app you are looking for by typing the name in the search box.
When you find an app you want,touch install/buy. You will need to use a credit card for all paid apps.
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