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Advertising Techniques

No description

Rena Huntington

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Advertising Techniques

Advertising by Lia and Zoe
This shows Wit and Humor
This uses bandwagon and testimonial appeal.
This is wit and humor.
This shows glittering generalities.
This is card-stacking and magic ingredients appeal
This uses bribery
This is wit and humor appeal
This uses simple solutions
This is snob and testimonial appeal
This shows glittering generalities
This advertisement appeals to us because we find it funny and it made an humorous impression on us.
This advertisement makes us want to buy a Ferrari because the actor in this ad made it look fancy.
This ad appeals to us because when we see famous athletes using a product we want to use it
This ad appeals to us because we think it is cute and funny.
This ad makes people want to use the product because they want to be able to do all the amazing things that the actors in the ad do.
This may appeal to people because the ad shows
all the cool things the product can do in a clever way.
This ad makes people want the product because it was showed cleverly.
This advertisement makes us laugh, but the product is still incorporated. We want the product because we think the ad is funny.
This ad makes us sad when we see what
happens, and we want to make an impact and help fix what we see.
When we see famous people using a product, we want to use it to, to make us feel better about ourselves.
This advertisement makes us curious about what the product or company can do and we want to buy the product to see.
This is snob appeal
This is card-satcking
This is a humor appeal ad.
A humorous ad for a movie like this makes us want to see the movie because we think the ad is funny.
We want to buy the product in this ad because the company uses card-stacking to make one thing look better
This picture ad is snob appeal
This picture ad makes us want to buy it because it looks awesome.
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