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Understanding Hypermedia

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Stefanie Camara

on 15 February 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Hypermedia

WORLD WIDE WEB is the best example of hypermedia.

Understanding Hypermedia

In the use of hypermedia the following instructional events will prove useful to the teacher:

Can be example of one of the multimedia application.

Characteristics of hypermedia applications
Most educational IT applications are hypermedia and these include:
is nothing but multimedia, but this time packaged as and educational computer software where information is presented and student activities are integrated in a virtual learning environment.
Is not to be constrained to be text based. It can include other media.

Tutorial software packages

Knowledge web pages

Simulation instructional games

Learning project management and others

1.Learner control

the learners makes his own decisions on the path, flow or events of instruction.
2. Learner wide range of navigation routes
the learners controls the sequence and pace his path depending on his ability and motivation.
3.Variety of media
Get the learner's attention
Recall prior learning

Inform learners of lesson objectives

Introduce the software and its distinctive features

Guide learning, eliciting performance

Provide learning feedback

Asses performance

Enhance retention and learning transfer

There are many ways to define

Hypermedia is basically a computer based information retrieval system that enables the user to gain or provide access to text, audios and video recordings, photographs and computer graphics related to a particular subject.

Hypermedia is a style of building systems for organizing, structuring and accessing information around a network of multimedia nodes connected together by links

In education, we can define hypermedia as a variant of the broader term multimedia but is designed to be of assistance to the learning process in schools for students

Hypermedia involves numerous kinds of media such as:





Leah V. Salvania
Buenajane R. Sollestre
Alicia Jevs Salut
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