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Ender's Game Group Project

No description

Max Hamlin

on 3 June 2017

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Transcript of Ender's Game Group Project

hey sanji
Ender (Andrew)
Peter was here
Battle School
Command School
Battle Room
Bugger world
-Locke and Demosthenes

-Strong and controlling

-Highly intelligent and agressive.

-Cruel and lacks compassion

-Thirsty for power
-A violent tendency
-Able to grasp situations easily
Colonel Graff
-Young and small
jason: earth: earth is where ender is not loved by his parents or older brother. peter wants to kill him, valentine is the only one that is fond of ender, ender is very depressed there because his life is very lonely because his only freind is valentine. so he decides to build a raft
Ender's Game: A Battle f r Humanity
chapter 1
Peter Wiggin
Ender's monitor is removed
Ender fights with Stilson
at his school

Ender Wiggin: Boy Genius

Mazer Rackham saved Earth.

Battle school survival

Bugger wars win or lose
-Ender's Protection
Colonel Graff takes Ender to Battle School.
Dear Valentine

Here is where you can see the battles I partake in daily. Well the people here haven't exactly been fair by my terms. You see normally we have battles about once every week or so but they think that it'll either be funny or enhance me to not only give me battles everyday but also make them unfair in terms of numbers or conditions. I grow exhausted Valentine I don't know if I can continue like this by the time i go home, if I go home, I will be mentally broken. I fear that one day a battle will come that I cannot win, one with all the odds against me. I'm sorry if I worry you. But you have your own problems, mainly Peter and I have mine. I doubt that this letter will reach you, but I long to see you and hear your voice again. I want you to know that, Valentine.

Ender Wiggin
Ender Wiggin
Battle School
Ender is transferred to the Rat army and meets Dink.
After a year of hard work, Ender is promoted to the Commander of the Dragon Army.
At the age of 10, Ender graduates battle school and goes to Command school.
Peter Wiggin
-Tries to be good



Colonel Graff
Petra Arkanian
-Good Shot



-Best girl in Battle School

-Can be sour and sweet
Petra Arkanian
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
By Orson Scott Card
Chapter 8
Locke and Demosthenes are introduced
Chapter 9
Dear Valentine,

This place is my haven, without this place i would have gone insane quickly. The clear waters and the fresh air have helped me greatly, but they still only brought me here so I would be stable and be of use later. I am just a puppet on the strings that the IF are fingering. But I am nothing here, I am the breeze and also the fish swimming in the water. like it here and you know I have only truly liked only one thing, Valentine.

Ender Wiggins
Ender and Graff depart for battle school.
Ender meets Alai,
his best friend.
Ender becomes over comes his fear and defeats the giant, one of his greatest obstacles.
Ender is transferred into the salamander army
Ender earns the highest rankings at battle school.
chapter 10
Chapter 12
Bonzo comes to kill Ender in the bathroom
Ender has to face two armies at once. Now, instead of trying to free everyone , he simply captures the four corners and the gate of the enemy
chapter 13
Chapter 14
Ender meets Mazer Rackham.
Mazer puts Ender in "training" everyday, and soon Ender becomes stressed and is near his breaking point. But continues to his final challenge.
Dear People who will listen,

I have a message for all who will listen. This world is not the only one out there filled with life, we know that now, but do all of you hold them in high opinion or in low, if you do why? Why is it that just because we do not know them we fear them? Why is that instead of trying to love them we destroy them? Do you think they do not have the capabilities to learn like we do, but isn't said that everyone has the capacity to learn so why can't the ones that live outside our range of view do the same? I will tell you why, it is because we do not let them. We don't let them learn from their mistakes it is always, "it's them or us." never "maybe we can live peacefully, maybe not together but peacefully all the same." I hope all of you have tried listened and tried understood my message.

Sincerely ,
Speaker for the dead
Read the next book to see how the adventure continues.
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