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Copy of Developing Staff's Digital Competence

No description

Marc Wright

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Developing Staff's Digital Competence

Developing Staff's Digital Competence

European Commission at a glance
"We all have to face up to the digital future
but also the digital present"

Maros Sefcovicč, Vice-president and commissioner for inter-institutional relations and administration.

A catalyst event, a lever for cultural change and strong community management
Digital Competence Day on 26 March 2013

Internal social platform with 10.400 members

Creation of a network of champions
A gentle transformation
Towards a place where...
All Staff swim along nicely in the digital ocean and enjoy seizing its opportunities
Digital Competence Programme to
train Staff and continue the awareness raising.

Social and collaborative tools progressively embedded into the daily routines and yielding business outcomes.
Where are we today?
Administration established in 1958 that oversees and implements EU policies by:

proposing new laws to Parliament and the Council
managing the EU's budget and allocating funding
enforcing EU law (together with the Court of Justice)
representing the EU internationally, for example, by negotiating agreements between the EU and other countries.

32,666 members of Staff

28 nationalities

24 languages

Headquarters in Brussels and Representations in all 28 Member States
Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation have to become a reflex in a high turnover environment and in a context of reducing costs. Digital technologies make the "do" feasible.
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