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Mc Donalds

what became of it

jacob ellington

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Mc Donalds

The first restaurant
ronald mcdonald
The first restaurant was made in 1995 in the small town of San Bernardino California. It was originally just getting buisness from the local collage boys next door. As time past the restaurant became more popular, a restaurant we call MC DONALDS!
The first Big Mac was introduced in 1968. They were able to keep customers by catch phrases like "the felit o Fish will catch you!" And you may have wonderd how did they pull this off? It was simple, they had alreldy sold their 1 mililonth burger before the second year and were able to keep their buisness while making new burgers every month! Also the people thought the quality was great!
San Bernardino
San Bernardino Was were Maruice and Richard grew up and started the first Micky Dee's. Maruice and Richards parents were from Irish Decent and their father was a shoe maker. San Bernardino was a thriving town and when Mc Donalds arrivied the town looked like a Boom Town.

San Bernardino court house
San Bernardino old mission
In 1983 there were Mc Donalds in 32 countries
Happy meals were introduced in 1979
They introduced the
Quarter Pounder in 1973
Their first color comercial was made in 1966
in 1958 Mc Donalds sales its one miollionth burger
one of the first mc Donalds
The local collage
Mc Donalds
old movie theater
in San Berandino
Mc Donalds.com is introduced in 1996
Mc Donalds in Moscow 1990
Ray Crock dies 1984
Mc Donalds celebrates its 25 annivercery 1980
breakfast introduced in 1985
Mc Donald's sign
Mc Nugget's
Big mac
Ronald Mc Donald is the mascot of Mc Donalds. He is a silly clown that really annoys me on TV. But the younger kids love him. Ronald Mc Donald has his own charity organization that if you buy a burger a dollar will go to that charity. They have been able to raise a lot of money and save many lives.
First mc Donalds
Mc Donalds TV show
Charity house
Ronald Mc Donald
Mc donalds friends
18 facts about mc donalds
Mc donalds history
95 interesting facts about mc donalds
Mc Donalds history.com
boy eating a burger and fries
Mc Donalds used to sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Mc Donalds retail depends mostly on children
Mc Donalds mascot was going to be a cowboy.
Since 1948 Mc Donalds has sold over 3 trillion fries
Out of all the countries in the world Mc Donalds is in 61% of them.
Through the years Mc Donalds has changed and improved. Through the food and the buildings. One of their bigger changes was not to just settle on having a few resturantus but to have thousands.
Talking about the food Hamburgers were not the first item on the list. Hot dogs were. From five employies to 1.8 million thats a big change. From a peanut butter and jelly sanwich to the world famous Big Mac Mc Donalds has made some pretty big improvements.
In India you cant buy a beef sandwich but you can buy a Lamb Sandwich.
In Germany Mc Donalds sells Beer
Once Mc Donalds Introduced Stuffed Animals as their toy they sold 100 million Happy Meals in one week.
Mc Donalds uses the assembly line method to make their burgers.
Mc Donalds is in the Artic Circle
smallest Mc Donalds
BIGGEST Mc Donalds
Big Mac

Even though Mc Donalds may be big they still have rivals. One of their biggest rivals is Burger King. Most likely because their menu's are very simular. While Mc Donalds has the Big Mac Burger King Has the Big King. Also Burger King was made four years later. So I'll leave it up to you Mc Donalds OR Burger King?
Mc Donalds Vs Burger King
Big King
Big Mac
Mc Donalds Serves 30 million chickens each year
Mc Donalds earns most of its profit from rent not from food
Only seven items on the Mc Donalds menu dose not contain sugar.
Mc Donalds oatmeal has as much sugar as a bag of M-N-M's.
A person would have to walk seven hours to burn of a Big Mac combo.
confused baby
question mark
BK sign
Most of us love Mc Donalds, but that does not mean that its perfect.
Some of the complaints that people are talking about is their Chicken Nuggets. "Are they really made of chicken or some people say they are made of pink goo," Mc Donalds claims that they do not use "pink slime" and I've seen the vidieo supporting this. But if you want to say that their made of pink slime knock yourself out.
Chicken ?
Pay improvement graph
charity totals
Mc Donalds also use to sell tamales.
Mc Donalds uses calcium siliatce a chemical used in brick
In Paris the mc Donalds Golden Arches are white
Mc Donalds has a Big Mac statue that is 14ft tall and 12ft wide.
The Kl tower houses the tallest mc Donalds in the world
pink goo
chicken head shaped Mc Nugget
worst burger ever
The first restaurant
Ronald Mc Donald
Mc Donalds.com
clip art
95 interesting facts about mc donalds
95 interesting facts about Mc Donalds
95 interesting facts about Mc Donalds
95 interesting facts about Mc Donalds
the worst burger
Big king
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