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Interlibrary Loan Instruction

No description

Katherine Jones

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Interlibrary Loan Instruction

The USER Method
Gain Attention:

Inform Learner of Objectives:

Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning:

Present Stimulus Material:

Provide Learner Guidance:

Elicit Performance:

Provide Feedback:

Assess Performance:

Enhance Retention Transfer:
*Gagne’s Events of Instruction:

Students are unaware of Interlibrary Loan and how to best utilize it.

rate sized classes of students new to college-level research will be taught how to most effectively use the ILL system in a short course (given once a year to incoming Freshmen and by request of professors for their classes) presented in the library computer lab.

Prepare for ILL use.
Encourage department use.
Provide educational links.

nderstand the function of ILL.
Order desired materials without guidance.
Plan ahead.

Know how to use ILL.
Use ILL regularly.
Use the ILL libguide when needed.
Develop Materials:
Prezi presentation, printed handout of steps to order materials, ESU ILL libguide.
Interlibrary Loan can be used to order books, movies, and articles that are not available from local libraries-- these materials will often arrive in a matter of days for use on an assignment or for personal entertainment.
Capture and Sustain
Responses to worksheet and ability with guided practice.
Short survey given at the end of the lesson.


1) Access the library page at http://www.emporia.edu/libsv/.
2) On the left hand side toolbar, click “Interlibrary Loan.”
3) Login using your BuzzIn username and password.

1) On the left hand side toolbar, under “new request,” click “article,” “book chapter,” etc. depending on what material you need.
2) Fill in all the information you can, especially those terms marked with red asterisks.
3) Click “submit request.”

To keep track of materials ordered and received, use the “all requests” link on the left hand toolbar. This list will have all ordered documents, their type, and their current status.

If you are unsure of some details regarding your requests, Amazon.com is a great recourse for ISBN and ISSN numbers. Google Books is also a good source for publication dates and other details that may not be available to you otherwise.

It takes 7-14 days for books and other materials to turnaround. Electronic articles take considerably less time (a few days).

You can track the status of your requests in the ILLiad system and you will be notified by email when items arrive.

The loan period is determined by the lending library, but generally it is four weeks.

Textbooks and duplicates of materials owned by the ESU Libraries and Archives will not be borrowed unless they are long overdue or missing. You will have to put these items on hold if they are checked out.

ILL E-mail: ill2@emporia.edu
Candy Johnson: cjohnso1@emporia.edu
How to Order From Interlibrary Loan
via the William White Library:
To Order:
Helpful links:
ILL Basic Information
Using information found at the URL below, answer the following questions to the best of your ability.


1) Who may use ILL services?

2) What are two types of materials that can be ordered via ILL?

3) About how long will it take for ordered materials to arrive?

4) Who decides how long you may borrow ordered materials?

5) How much does it cost to use ILL?

6) How do you know if your order has been processed/received?

Share personal experiences. Order at least one item with guidance. Answer a short list of questions.
Identify level of general knowledge coming in. Read “Interlibrary Loan: A Reference Service” by MM Reynolds. Given step-by-step instruction and contact info. Questions will be taken at the end.

Contact students via Buzz-In and any information packets regarding the library that are given to incoming freshmen during orientation.

Inform professors of the lesson and its benefits to all students doing research.
Prezi. Student's experiences.
Explain the purpose of presentation.
Hypothetical anecdote reminding of experiences.
Present informative presentation.
Guided ordering practice.
Discussion of worksheet answers.
Give feedback.

Summarize lesson; give instructional sheet.
Pre-Assessment -
Students are asked about their personal experiences with research and if they have used Interlibrary Loan before.

Formative Assessment -
Students are asked to answer questions about ILL with the use of the libguide. Their responses are discussed during the lesson to determine their level of understanding.

Summative Assessment -
Students are asked to complete a short survey at the end of the lesson. Professor feedback is requested.
The Handout
The Practice
Walking Through
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
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