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Left vs. Right Brain

Alex Schriber

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Handedness

Handedness Right Vs. Some famous left-handed people Nepoleon Albert Bill Helen
Keller Maryland Barack Bill Fidel And Left Right hemisphere Left hemisphere Two halves to every brain. Handedness The use of one hand, the dominant
hand, over the other, in vonuntary
actions. Brain Lateralization
The brain is made of two halves,
the cerebral hemispheres.
The two sides may look alike, but
they have functional specializations,
like speech and language.
language comprehension Although there are many definitions
to handedness. Degrees of Handedness Which of these activities do you
think are affected by handedness? Drawing
Touching your nose
Holding a leash
throwing a ball
carrying a suitcase
hitting a tennis ball
placing beads in a bottle
hammering ...So basicly anything that uses fine motor control. Handedness uses just more then your hands. Which foot do you kick better with? Which ear do you hear best with? Which eye do you perfer to use on a microscope or telescope? Most people use ether their right side or left side for tasks.
But, some do have a mixed dominace of left and right side. Laterality Specialization of a certain side of the body to do tasks.
It is the oposite of symmetry Left hemisphere Right hemisphere right side of the body left side of the body Left-handed Creativity problems mental/learning disablities physical intellegence Why I selected this
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