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Deep and Dark and Dangerous

No description

Camryn Deem

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Deep and Dark And Dangerous By: Mary Downing Hahn Genre The genre of this book is mystery. I know the genre is mystery because it uses a lot of foreshadowing. It is also is very eerie and suspenseful. Exposition Setting: Gull cottage

Characters: Dulcie, Ali, Emma, Sissy, Claire, Alis dad

Conflict: Ali found a picture with someone ripped out of it and all it says on the back is T. In Gull Cottage a girl named sissy will not stop bothering Ali and Emma. Also no one Knows where she lives or who she is in the town. The climax of this book is when Emma,Ali, and Sissy go to the lake. When they are there Sissy teases Emma until she agrees to get in the canoe but Ali won't allow her to go. Emma gets in the canoe anyway and Ali follows her. They go into the fog and get lost. Then sissy tipped over the canoe and she tried to drown Ali and Emma . The theme is dont trust people so easily. I think this is the theme because Emma trusted Sissy so much that she got hurt. Rising action Climax Falling Action Theme Picture When sissy comes over and starts to stay in Ali's room at night Resolution/Summary Memorable Quote Symbols Overall opinion Who i would recommend this to My overall opinion of this book was that I thought it was one of the best books i have ever read. The book was perfectly put together and every time I read a page I never wanted to put it down. I would give this book a 10 out of 10. I would recommend this book to someone who loves mysteries. "Deep and Dark and Dangerous, a study of waters changing moods." (pg.186) = This lake represents fear because Ali and Emma almost drown there. Sissy tells Ali what she is and what happened to her.( read to find out) My first rising action is when Ali finds a picture in the attic of her mom and aunt Dulcie ,but it is ripped so there was a another girl in it named T. Another one is when Emma and Ali go to Gull Cottage and meet Sissy. When Ali and Emma go to the lake and sissy keeps trying to get Emma into the lake Ali finds a picture and tries to figure out who was torn out. Then her Aunt Dulcie shows up and takes Ali to Gull Cottage to Babysit Emma. Ali and Emma meet a mysterious girl named Sissy. They start to hangout with Sissy and she is really mean and one day she gets them into a canoe and tries to drown them. In the end Sissy explains to Ali what she really is and what she wants Dulcie and Ali to do. (read to find out) = These bones represent death because of the bones from someone drowning in the lake. = This angel represents love because the grave had an angel on it because a family lost there daughter that they love.
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