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Inner and Outer qualities

No description

Celeste Serrano

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Inner and Outer qualities

Inner and Outer Qualities By : Celeste Serrano Outer Qualities Inner Qualities Tom Robinson is an example of prejudice because even though he was put on trial people had already condemned him. By being african american everyone automatically assumed he was guilty.
Mayella Ewell was an example because in the book she was poor so the white people thought her below them and the black people didn't accept her because she was white.
Boo Radley is also an example because he was mentally challenged.
Scout is another example because of her gender. Whenever she tried to play with Dill and Jem she was put in a woman's part, a miniscule part, just because she was a girl.
Atticus is also an example because he did what he thought was the right thing to him, but the wrong thing in the eyes of society, defending a black man. 5 examples of prejudice is TKAM Atticus - His outer qualities that make him affected by prejudice are caring, considerate, and he does what is right.For inner qualities Atticus always showed his true character.
Scout - Her outer qualities I would say that affected her is her stubbornness and being responsive. Some inner qualities not always shown is her ability to be mature towards everything thrown at her.
Boo Radley - Some of the qualities that made him an easy target to prejudice is that he chose to hide, and that he ignored everything that was happening.Some of the inner qualities not shown is the loyalism, and adoration to the kids.
Mayella's qualities that made her susceptible to prejudice her ability to lie. Some inner qualities not always shown was that she was very lonely and vulnerable.
Tom - He was easily a prey to prejudice because he believed people wouldn't hurt him and his race. Some inner qualities not always shown were the lack of faith. Inner and Outer qualities of the Characters
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