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Waste Management - Thorncliffe

No description

Ali Abbas

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Waste Management - Thorncliffe

Thorncliffe Park Waste Management
By: Ali and Owais Positive Impacts Recycling Bins
Bins for garbage and recycling spread around Thorncliffe
Reminders for not dumping the wrong items in the wrong bins
Local School recycles
Positive Pictures What are the Three R's Reduce
Recycle Composting? What is it? Where does it all go? Garbage from Toronto is dumped at the Republic
Services Carleton Farms in Sumpter Township,
Negative Impacts
Always a pile of garbage on the ground
80% of what people are throwing in the garbage chutes
are recyclable
No body knows what composting is
Recycling bins are down stairs while the
garbage chute is around the corner
Negative Pictures :( Solutions New Buildings can install composting
and recycling chutes
Create a new advanced sheet naming items
that should be put in the right bin
Put a Camera in the garbage chute rooms and
by recycling bins to see what people are throwing in
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