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Media History Digital Library- Fan Magazine Collection

A digital curation case study researching The Media History Digital Library's Fan Magazine Collection

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Media History Digital Library- Fan Magazine Collection

"as cinema studies has shifted from theory back to history and cultural impact, this print material are of more immediate value."
Media History
Digital Library

Strengths & Weaknesses
Who is the core users? Does the system meet user expectations?
digitizing the published history of American cinema, broadcasting, and recorded sound
Fan magazines provide a behind-the-scenes look
into life behind the camera and microphone
All volunteer, donation led
"We would rather raise money for an altruistic activity than expend the same effort to attract investors" - David Pierce
Fan Magazine

scanned over 1.3 million pages
Entertainment workers and Fans
Book writer
Academic staff
Thanks to:
1. MHDL website
2. Lantern search engine
Drop down menu
free open access
multiple access points
access to materials
no use restrictions
"We encourage libraries that work with us – and anyone else – to present any or all of the digital copies of materials on their website, adapt and reuse them, and present them as a resource." -David Pierce
"We want the magazines and books available to be used on websites and blogs, repurposed into new uses (such as websites featuring advertising or magazine covers), and incorporated into new works."
-David Pierce
An example of a scholarly writing written by theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss.
Entertainment worker
Celebrity lovers
Classic Movie Enthusiasts
Media History Digital Library
Detailed information
of a fans magazine
Lantern Search Engine
What and Who?
Fan magazines covered film storylines, stars, gossip, and upcoming films during the early Hollywood years through to the 1960s

The cornerstone of the fan magazine collection and the largest title collection in the Extensive Runs section
Photoplay (1914-1943)
Extensive Runs Collections
Made up of large single title runs of fan magazines like Modern Screen, Screenland, and Photoplay
Includes fan magazines that only have a few issues per title digitized into the collection
Select Holdings Collection
"The leading Hollywood fan magazine of the 1920s and 1930s"
Collection Development
Content loaned by Library of Congress, partner libraries, and private collectors for digitization
"I will turn down bound volumes where the issues are missing covers, or have pages razored out." - David Pierce
New magazine issues!
Kristin Clark, Mary Durham, Muhammad Haniff Bin Haji Nandir, Tara Richardson
Pierce, D. (2013). The Media History Digital Library.
Journal of Film Preservation
, 35-42. Retrieved

from http://www.fiafnet.org/uk/publications/fep_journal.html
Did it meet user expectations?
Picture of Einstein was taken from Photoplay magazine in 1931
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