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Building Relationship, Building Communities

To teach RAs the importance of connecting with residents in order to build relationships. Once the relationship is built, RAs will ultimately build their communities. This presentation will teach RAs tactics to engage residents and build community.

maurice penn

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Building Relationship, Building Communities

Building Relationships, Building Communities
RDs Ashley Shea & Maurice Penn Jr., M.B.A
RA Training 8/19/13

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Learning Outcomes
Community Building
Type of Students
Learn what it means to build a community and envision your ideal community

Learn and practice techniques to build relationships with residents

Learn how to connect to residents through personal interactions
Why is it important?
Residents to be happy!
Enhance the student experience!
Increase student retention!
What is your ideal community?
Relationships Built, Communities Built!
Basic level of interpersonal engagement and community building
Starts at the beginning...Day One!
Be There!
Building Relationships!
Group Activity
Over Involved
Form a group of ten people

Your are assigned a type of student
Write down ways to connect with the student
Community Building
Icebreakers at floor meetings
1:1 intentional conversations
Community Events
Acknowledgment Boards
Floor Dinners
Open Doors
Social Media
Community Service
Support Resident's Interest
Spontaneous Engagement
Role Play Time!
Scenarios to practice engaging with different type of residents
What is community?
Practices and interaction directed towards the creation of community, among individuals
Remember your ideal community...
Connect with your residents
Begin at Day One!
Build relationships
Residents are different/Practices will be different
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