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How to make Kool-Aid

Korine VanTassel

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Kool-Aid

Solutions Using Kool-Aid Solute+Solvent A substance can either be a solute or solvent. A solute is what is being dissolved. In our kool-aid example, the sugar and the powder are the solute. A solvent is what is present in the greatest amount. in our kool-aid example, the water is the solvent Solute
Solvent Units of Mass Grams is what is used to measure things that are non-liquid.
Litters are used for liquid measurements.
Solubility is the maximum amount of solute that will dissolve in 100g of the solvent In the case of our kool-aid, you will need 250 grams of sugar, 1 pack of kool-aid mix, and 1.9 litters of water. Solubility Unsaturated
Not enough solute
(in our kool-aid example, not enough sugar;taste nasty) Saturated
Max. amount
of solute (in our
kool-aid example
perfect level of sugar:
taste great) Supersaturated
more solute than can hold solute
(in our kool-aid example, too much sugar, and excess is now covering the bottom) Dissolve When something dissolves, it is
being integrated with its
surroundings (in our kool-aid example,
the sugar dissolves into the water) Dilute and Concentration When something is diluted, it has
been made weaker by adding water When something is concentrated, it has less water, and more solute Things that affect solubility Particle Size Temperature The more surface area something has,
the quicker it will dissolve.
when we make kool-aid,
we use graduated sugar,
because it dissolves quickly The temp. affects thing differently. higher temps. make a solid dissolve faster, but a gas dissolve slower. Heterogeneous Vs. Homogeneous A heterogeneous solution has different
components, (like kool-aid,
made up of sugar,
water, and powder) A homogeneous solution has only one
component (pure gas,
O2 ) RECAP In kool-aid, the sugar and powder are the solute, and water is the solvent. The solute dissolves into the solvent. Koll-aid is a heterogeneous mixture. If the drink is too concentrated, then add more water to dilute it.
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