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Fatigue, Stress and Injuries

No description

Miles Davey

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Fatigue, Stress and Injuries

Fatigue Injuries Stress LearnIng objectives All: Pupils will be able to identify the different types of injuries Internally caused injury -are injuries for which the performer themselves are responsible. There are two types:
- Overuse injuries: are caused by overtraining or playing.
- Sudden injuries: these occur during an activity by increasing the strain put on the body. Stress fractures: a break in the bone caused by repeated application of heavy load or constant pounding on a surface, such as running. Question: Write down two examples for each of the above causes for a sport of your choice. Most: CAN DESCRIBE the impact fatigue and stress has on performance some: cAN EXPLAIN how to prevent injuries from occurring Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response and this, in turn, can be linked to other factors in any sporting situation. Some people may become more aggressive and others may find that levels of arousal are increaesed Excitment or Suspense Anxiety Nervousness Decrease in motivation Fatigue is a feeling of extreme physical or mental tiredness brought on by extreme exertion and it can result in temporary loss of strength and energy Local muscular fatigue When a muscle, or group of muscles, is unable to carry on contracting and movement stops Decrease in concentration levels Skill level decrease as speed and stregth decrease. No time for rest= forced to STOP! Tennis elbow: injury or inflammation of the tendon attached to the elbow joint. tASK Question: Give an example of a sport where either of these injuries could occur? – are caused by factors other than the performer. Here are the causes: Externally caused injuries Foul play Impact injuries Equipment/clothing Accidents Task Task Precautions How to avoid injury? Carry out a risk assessment Warm-up before activity Follow all the rules and code of conduct Working in pairs make a list of all the injuries you or other players you know have had? Are they internally or externally caused injuries? Playing fairly, by the rules, is important when taking part in physical activities.
1. Explain how rules keep participants safe.

(2 marks)

2.What might happen if a specific safety rule was not enforced? Give one example.

(2 marks)

3. Safety is an important part of a training programme. Describe the safety aspects that
John should consider before and during training, and explain why they are important

(8 marks) John is a 15-year-old pupil at a school with a well-established Physical Activity Policy. He has
just started his GCSE PE course, which he has opted to take as one of his subject options.
John does not play any sport to a particularly high standard, but he is very keen on physical
education. He always takes part in all of his school PE lessons and is a regular participant in
extra-curricular sporting activities. When he chose his options, he was particularly interested
in the fact that he did not have to be a player/performer in all of his assessments and could be
assessed in different roles. He has regularly been an official in school football fixtures and is
interested in being assessed as an official.
John thinks that football is probably his strongest sport and that this will be one of his
assessments. After talking to his teachers, he has also decided that he will choose ‘exercising
safely and effectively to improve health and well-being, as in Fitness and Health Activities’ as
his second assessment area for his practical work. In order to prepare himself fully for this,
John has just joined his local fitness gym, which shares the school fitness facilitie EXAM QUESTIONS On your A3 sheet; 5 mintues on your tables to write down as many questions about the learning objectives as you can. Quick fire question and answer session Preliminary Material
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