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Conventions of Coming of Age films

No description

Zayn Hassan

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Conventions of Coming of Age films

Coming of Age
A Coming of Age film s a genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of a protagonist who is growing from youth to adulthood. Personal growth is the most important characteristic in this genre; it relies on emotional responses and dialogue, rather than action. Coming of Age films are targeted at a teenage audience however usually they include explicit and controversial themes.
Conventions of Coming of Age films
A typical storyline for a coming of age film is the protagonist being a teenager approaching sixteen or eighteen. Within all of these films the character is reaching an important age, these seem whether they are reaching sixteen, eighteen or twenty-one determines on the issues and themes featured within the drama.

Another convention is the reoccurring themes within coming of age films. These include: virginity, pregnancy, drugs, home life, relationships, death, illness and friendships. The films are all about encouragement and informing of experimenting as these are supposed to be the years of experimenting and learning therefore these are what these dramas reflect upon the audience.
In Coming of Age films the protagonist develops as the storyline progresses, which leads to them improving as an individual. Throughout the story the protagonist usually has to overcome a problem or dilemma which they then overcome and learn a life lesson. Also, there is typically a boy/girl relationship in the film between the protagonist and someone else.
The settings and locations that are typically used in coming of age films are: flats, cities, schools, council estates and police stations. This is because these locations are typically linked to the situation in the film.
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