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Tuskegee Mobile Learning

No description

Terry Williams

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Tuskegee Mobile Learning

Experiential Learning Mechanics Example Tuskegee University Experiential Learning Negotiation Example Students learn best when they are actively doing learning rather than passively receiving instruction Simply reading a book about animals Versus The Audience: Net Generation Raised with technology, motivated by games, connected to the internet. Grown up completely steeped in technology and, for the past 12 years, the internet. EDUCAUSE, Drs. Diana and James Oblinger Mobile Learning Initiative Tuskegee University
Rich in History - Investing in the Future! Leverage access to majority
of students with mobile devices. Extend learning beyond the classroom walls to the mobile learning "lab". Our Understanding of Tuskegee's Requirements 21st Century Trends beginning to accelerate Tuskegee University's William Clarence Matthews, whose photo is adapted from a June 1905 image in McClure’s Magazine How does Tuskegee get there? 360 Analysis Strategy Development Prototype Development Full Implementation Pillars to Success Prioritization of order
Pilot Program for evaluation & refinements
Change Management Plan
Implementation Plan
Timeline Develop assessment criteria
Establish data collection plan
Create mobile development process
Run tests and evaluate Campus media campaign
Educate with policy & process
Procurement of devices
Trial period Pitfalls Technology acquisition without coordinated:
Content development
University Infrastructure
Maintenance staff •Diversity of devices
•Assumptions of students proficiency
•University policy on mobile devices
•Faculty buy-in
Familiarization in use
Training to convert academics What APEX can do for Tuskegee University Validate goals & objectives
Analyze audience
Campus capabilities
Faculty commitment
University best practices Scope Development
Cost Estimate
Approve Plan
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