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Serial Killers: Nature vs Nurture

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Pavitra Makarla

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Serial Killers: Nature vs Nurture

Vs Serial Killers... Nature Nurture By: Pavitra Makarla
Ajitha Chivukula
Abby Bozzuti 25.3 seconds: the FBI's estimate of the time between one violent crime and another. 93,277: the amount of murderers between the ages 18-39. What do all of these numbers mean? They show us just how serious the matter of serial killers is. Ted Bundy confessed to killing about 30 women, but the real number still remains a mystery... So, how have we concluded that serial killers are bred from both genetics and childhood? Gary Schnefer
He raped a 12- year old to death, having no recollection the next morning
Ted Bundy
His social life
He never exactly fit in
Was labeled with having some sort of psychological disorder
Said to kill over 30 women, could be 26 -100 more
Started killing around 1974
Family history
Joseph Ridgway
Abusive mother
Low IQ
Bed wetter
Encountered sexual activities at a young age
Aroused by the actions
John Wayne Gacy
Abusive father
Had many illnesses
Drug addict
Murdered and raped young boys Criminal Minds: BMS Edition looked into what happens in the mind of a serial killer and why... 16% of serial killers were raised by adoptive parents, not their real ones... That indicates something has gone wrong in their childhood, because if it was normal they would be with their biological parents. "At only 17, Ridgway stabbed a six year old boy, who thankfully survived, saying these very words...

(An excerpt from our essay) ...'I always wondered what it would be like to kill someone'" (Crime and Investigation). Looking at the lives of all these serial killers, we can draw only one conclusion... Serial killers are made from both nature and nurture. Why is this information important? Now that it is apparent that both genetics and childhood experiences are to blame... People will be more aware of the danger of serial killers in modern society There will be points to look at to determine why exactly a serial killer is murdering innocent people It would encourage the public to take care of their children so that they wouldn't mold future murderers Citations: "BUNDY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS MAY HAVE STARTED IN HIS INFANCY." Deseret News.
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