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The Inuit People

By: jacklynn, McKenna, Colin

jacklynn hancock

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The Inuit People

Contributions to American Living

Built schools in their villages
Great craftsmen
Sculptors from ivory, soapstone, driftwood
Carvings from granite, marble, ivory, antler, & whalebone
Communities were centers for trade, commerce, culture and education Contributions of American Living How They Got Their Names How Inuit Got Their Name
Inuit refers to Eskimos,which means "eater of raw meat."
They prefer Inuit - "real people" Languages Spoken
Inuktitut, English, French,
Russian, and Danish Where Inuit are Located
Live near the Arctic
Homeland stretches from:
Northeastern tip of Russia across Alaska
Northern Canada to parts of Greenland Government
Inuit act like a big family
Oldest hunting man is leader
King and Queen
Make own laws What Inuit Wear
Clothing made from animal fur & skin
Caribou, Seal, Polar Bear
Boots from seal skin
Large thick coats (parkas) with big hoods Food Inuit ate:
fish,caribou,fox,and sometimes polar bear. the Inuits religious beliefs are traditional animism Christianity. Most inuits lived in homes of double stone walls and covered by the earth .Temporary winter hunting lodes called "igloos" were made from snow and ice.Their homes were built partly underground. Kenojuak Ashevak was a famous artist. Pootoogook was an artist too. His work was sold at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Family is the center of the Inuit culture. They share food that they hunted and share food with people in need. The Inuits were hunters, whalers, and artists. Some interesting facts are:
The Inuit Tribe's flower is Purple Saxifraga.
Inuit crossed the Bering Land Bridge sometime between 6000 b.c. and 2000 b.c., according to various sources. Inuit American indians

Tribes: Eskimos the inuit games are:jumping, bola , games from the inuits are: jumping,tug of warm,darts ,and bola.
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