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Job Performance!!

No description

Celina White

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Job Performance!!

Job Performance!!
How does Classroom/School performance positively influence future job performance?
Engagement In classroom discussion-engagement in the workplace
Allows you to be more social and attentive! :)
Completion of assignments-completion of work duties
Whatever you complete, it goes toward what you're doing! Increases your performance in work, or increases/raises your grade in school! (:
Attendance and punctuality to school and work.
Attendance and punctuality shows commitment, attentiveness and determination. This is a great representation of a positive person that is ready to get things done on time effectively and efficiently. These traits can get a person far in life as long as they follow it up with completing tasks in a timely fashion, with a positive and go getter attitude.
Teamwork in the classroom and in the workplace.
With teamwork, you can accomplish a lot with each other
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