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The Five Policy Modes

No description

Louison Gieskes

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Five Policy Modes

European Public Policy
Name: Cherelle Chin & Louison Gieskes

Class: ES4E-2C

Course: European Public Policy Seminar
1. The Classical Community Method
3 main institutions involved in EU legislation:

European Commission
European Parliament
The Council of the European Union
2. The European Regulatory Mode
3. The European Distributional Mode
Lots of national government involvement:

European Commission
Member States
European Parliament
Local and Regional offices
Committee of the Regions
Policy Coordination
1960s: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Post-modern governance
Open Method of Cooperation (OMC)
The Five Modes of Policy Making
1. The Classical Community Method
2. The European Regulatory Mode
3. The European Distributional Mode
4. Policy Coordination
5. Intensive Transgovernmentalism
Policy example
Community Agriculture Policy

Launched in 1962
Also called CAP
Biggest single budget outlay of the EU
3 Major reforms
Discussion point
As presented the Council of Ministers has the main power in EU legislation. Should other institutions be more involved during the decision making processes?; why would you or why wouldn't you agree to this action?
Policy example
Industrial Policy
< --- -- Energy Efficiency Plan

Discussion point
To what extent do you feel that the industrial policies to combat climate change actually work?
Policy example
Discussion point
To what extent do you think that intensive transgovernmentalism is indeed a weaker and much less fruitfull form of policy development; or, why could it be a preferred policy mode from your point of view?
Policy example
Schengen Agreement

Schengen Treaty signed in 1985
5 out of the 10 member states agreed
Territory known as Schengen Area in 1995
Common visa policy is introduced
Discussion point
Do you think that the Open Method of Coordination is a good way of European integration; or, is it better that all European members are obliged to fully implement all the EU legislation?
A 4th institution
The Court
Treaty of Rome in 1957
Led to the European Economic Community
Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)
5. Intensive Transgovernmentalism
Requires unanimous approval
A weak form of cooperation?
Innovation 24%
Transport 22%
Human resources 22%
Environment 19%
Others 13%

Regional fundings
Book of: Policy-Making in the European Union
Life Long Learning Policy
Policy example
Level of activities
The benchmarks for 2020 are...
Common Agriculture Policy
18 November 2010 a Communication on "The CAP towards 2020"
12 October 2011 the Commission presented a set of legal proposals
26 June 2013 a political agreement on the reform of the CAP
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