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Brand Audit

No description

Stephanie Andrews

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Brand Audit

Involvement Now
Brand Audit
Overview of Speakers
Social Exchange Theory
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Vanessa Foo - 43260772
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780 Justin Isip - 43283268

Strategic Recommendations
- Brand Positioning
- Competitive Analysis
Tactical Recommendations
- Strategies
- Opportunities and Challenges
Brand Positioning
“Brand positioning is the act of designing the company’s image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s minds”
(Kotler and Keller 2012)

Tactical Recommendations -
Social Marketing
Lacks clarity and differentiation from competitors
Manipulative message and not 'community based' (Gray-Felder and Deane 1999).
Inadequate documentations and publicity success (Andreasen 2002).
Tactical Recommendations -
Social Media
Social media is an online version of in-person networking (Blakeman and Brown 2010)
Greater accessibility
Higher chance of visibility
Acquire new customers
Gain feedback
Raise greater awareness of organisation
Involve participation
Increase word-of-Mouth
High level of participation among youths

- A theory that suggests people learn from one another and imitate behaviour.
- Used to emphasize target audience's sense of self-efficacy

Social Learning Theory (Bandura 1997)
Focus on individual change
Focus interventions on whole communities (Farquar
et al.,
Document the success of programs, fundraising and charities.
Shift beliefs, that they can make behaviour happen (Perry
et al.,
1988; Andreasen 2002)
Change target individuals knowledge, attitude and intentions
Be engaging by encompassing
- Interaction
- Participation
- Co-creation
- Sharing brand-related contents
et al.,
2012, p. 5)
Partner with general retailers and food industries to promote GROW
- Woolworths
- Coles
- Food brands
Frame of Reference
Oxfam has a well established frame of reference as an non-government organisation that is an international humanitarian aid with a focus on helping the disadvantaged.

In the 2012 Global Journal, Oxfam ranked #3 on world's Top 100 Best NGOs list (Oxfam 2012)
2015 - Oxfam UK ranked among the highest NGO in the top 500 NGOs in The Global Journal (Top500, 2015)

Associations not necessarily unique to the brand but in fact may be shared with other brands (Keller 2013, p. 84)

Non-government organisations (NGOs) are described as a type of actor in society, representing of public opinion (Beaudoin 2004).

"Global movement for change"
"Global movement for children"
“A world where every child experiences Jesus’s promise of life in all its fullness”

Medium-term focus
Survival, protection and development of children

What they do:
Child survival and developent
Basic education and gender equality
Child protection
HIV/AIDS and children
Long-term development
Development and relief agency working to end poverty

What we do:
Fighting injustice
Natural resources
Saving lives
Sustainable food
Natural resources
Christian relief
and development organization
Sustained well-being of children

What they do:
Justice for children
Education and life skils
Child rights and equity
Water and sanitation
Tactical Recommendations
- Social Marketing
- Social media
Saving Lives
Human rights
Disaster Relief
How does Social Exchange Theory impact on Oxfam's communications?
allow consumers to understand exactly where they are investing their time and money
maximise the effectiveness of the campaigns by spreading awareness
Global Campaigns
• Rights in Crisis
• Even it up!
• The Robin Hood Tax
• International Women's Day
• World Economic Forum 2015

Global Ambassadors
Angelique Kidjo
Annie Lennox
Baaba Maal
Bill Nighy
Colin Firth
Desmond Tutu
Djimon Hounsou
Gael García Bernal
Helen Mirren
Helena Christensen
Kristin Davis
Leymah Gbowee
Livia Firth
Miguel Bosé
Minnie Driver
Rahul Bose
In Oxfam social marketing campaigns:

- Individual actions and outcomes.
- Improvements made from donations and fund raising.
- Promote local inequalities and poverty to develop more personal relevance

Global Ambassadors
Linked to the brand in terms of:
to brand
Access specific groups in society
others through word of mouth
Keller (2013) suggests brand positioning requires components:
Frame of reference
History of Oxfam International
Oxford Committee for Famine Relief
Founded 1942
Original Purpose = allow food through Allied Forces Blockade
Canon Theodore Richard Milford
Continuation of existence due to Cecil Jackson-Cole
1965 - Oxfam name formally adopted
"Humans wit dignity"
Self-help schemes
Oxfam's history, involvement in previous years & current involvement
Brand portfolio, brand inventory, price, product & distribution
Campaigns, global ambassadors & consumer awareness
Brand positioning, frame of reference, points of parity, points of difference, tactical recommendations, strategies & opportunities
Consumer Knowledge
Oxfam's Global Identity:
Strategic position
: Who Oxfam is, what they do & what they offer
: Tone of voice, visual identity including logo, colour palette, fonts, other design elements
Increase Brand Awareness and provide cost savings through increased collaboration
Increased Awareness = Increase in perceived benefit
Previous Involvement
Pol Pot Regime - Cambodia
Horn of Africa
"Hungry for Change"
Soviet Union and Eastern Blockade
Oxfam International Now
Leader in delivery of emergency relief
17 member organisations working in more than 90 countries
Inequality & essential services
Natural resources
Rights to be heard
Saving lives
Sustainable food
Womens rights
Syrian Crisis
South Sudan Crisis
Cyclone Pam
‘From climate change to conflict resolution, from women's issues to an international arms trade treaty, from charity auctions and spoof videos to visiting the world's largest refugee camp, they push forward the fight against poverty and injustice.”
- Oxfam
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Diana Giannoulis - 43260780
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Stephanie Andrews - 43257887
Brand Portfolio - Global Partners
Global Affiliates
15 independent affiliates that work on different projects in 98 countries
Unified approach - All affiliates share the same values and beliefs central to Oxfam as a whole
From a Marketing perspective, this really aids in brand recognition

Depending on the affiliate agency, partners range from trade unions, other non-government organisations, other affiliates, academic institutions as well as government agencies.
Must have:
Shared vision, values and objectives
Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
Mutual accountability, respect and trust
Past Global Ambassadors
Brand Inventory:
Brand name & logo
Name originated from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief in 1942 in Britain
Stride, 2007
Non-Profit Organizations should adopt a participative approach to brand management in order to attain true authenticity in the eyes of consumers
Result in a more coherent and consistent brand identity
What Oxfam offers to customers
Offer both a product and a service and are interrelated:
Social Service
Fair Trade products, where proceeds of sales (as well as from donations) go towards the running of their social services
Mishra, 2014
Emotion strongly influences buying behaviour
Mehabian - Russel model: Shopping emotions such as pleasure are highly correlated with impulsive buying

Flexible pricing with donations, as there is no fixed amount
Based on consumer's willingness to pay
Oxfam promote consumer donations as they attempt to persuade and educate consumers into where the proceeds will be going to and how the money will be used
Fischer, 2012
Consumer's donation amount and willingness to pay (WTP) are related
Based on concept of impure altruism
States that a consumer's value depends on the donation amount, where a higher donation = additional benefits
Altruistic dimension - benefit to society
Egoistic dimension - benefit to themselves
Use exclusive distribution strategy
E-business online store
Their own physical stores worldwide "Oxfam Shop"
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Justin Isip - 43283268
Operate through three different groups:

Global Affiliates


Global Ambassadors
(Unicef 2003)
(World Vision 2015)
(Oxfam International 2015)
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