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Global Warming

No description

Cole Konopka

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming

Sponsored by Global Green U.S.A.

Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio "Packaging is a method of constructing meanings, assigning values and building opinions around a particular issue, commodity, service or condition of life" (vii). "I get to be ____ kind of
person if I buy ____ brand
of product" (Harold 51). " "How will I dispose of it
when I am done" (Harold 32)? "Without change you will be hurt or killed" (Booth 125). Rhetrickery Us: We are the ones that are
influencing global warming. The
tone is mellow and serious. The
masses of people shown stresses
the effect we have on the environment. The full shopping cart shows
overconsumption and how it produces
pollution as shown in the picture on the
right. The tone is serious, colors are dark,
causing sympathy and engaging the
viewer in fear. The addiction to consumer culture
leads to destruction. The text in the clip
is ghostly, appears and then fades away.
Connected with the environment, it is here,
but can quickly dissappear. The text uses words that induce fear to the viewers. Political rhetrickery
does not target one person anymore, anyone can hear it. Words shape
the views and emotions of people. These strong words are used to tell the
viewer that without change, danger can happen. Disturbing, almost violent
pictures bring out panic. The tone is happy and more fast paced,
showing how we CAN solve the problem, and that the future holds great prosperity for us. This is the first time that the video shows bright, 'happy' colors. This makes the viewers feel oportunistic. The issue is global warming and with change, our condition of life will improve. The red background
shows 'warning'. Red is
a color that makes people
fearful and cautious. When people identify themselves
with what they consume, they make
up the consumer culture. Mixed
identity can lead to overconsumption.
Cole Konopka
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