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Hookup Culture Prezi

No description

Juliette Owen

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Hookup Culture Prezi

Hookups: Their History and Why they are Prevalent Today
How it Relates to Christian Marriage
The Sexual Revolution

"It is part...of an era in which morals are widely held to be both
private and relative
, in which pleasure is increasingly considered an almost
constitutional right
rather than a privilege, in which self-denial is increasingly seen as
rather than virtue." - 1964 Time Magazine
Permissiveness with Affection
1. Morals are a private affair
2. Being in love justifies premarital sex, and by implication perhaps extramarital sex.
3. Nothing is wrong as long as nobody else "gets hurt".

retrieved from Morals article in Time Magazine
Key Trends
Premarital Sex
Sex Education
Birth Control
Sexual Empowerment
What is a hookup? Has it changed? Are there expectations?
retrieved from Tom Smith article
• reduced rates of syphilis
• 1950
• 1973
Birth Control
• first oral contraceptive
• abstinence
• new sense of freedom
• disease prevention
• U.S Agency for International Development
What's Happening Now?
Now vs. 20 Years ago

"Sociologists have inconveniently found that today's college students aren't actually having any more sex than their predecessors, with only 32% saying that they had had more than one partner in the last year. Professor Monto of the University of Portland, Oregon said: "I was alive during the 1980s, and it doesn't seem all that different."

-retrieved from The Guardian Newspaper
"Hookup Culture" isn't a Cultural Phenomenan: it's just Casual Sex.
Post Sexual Revolution
College age to early 30s
Magazines/TV Shows

Going Global
Dating Sites
Social Networking Sites
Internet became mainstream in homes in the late 1990s, and texting started to rise in popularity in the early 2000s.
Other cultures perspectives on
American Hook up Culture:
What we Observed...
The Theology of Sex
- We are emobodied
- We are sexual beings
-We are relational
-We are made in God's image
-We are broken and twisted
-We encounter objective reality when we have sex.
-We are souls under construction.
Pre Martial Sex in the World

-Sex as essential
-Sex as experience
-Sex as experimental
-Sex as expression
-Sex as entertainment

Genesis 2:2
- Marriage is instituted by God at the very start of biblical history. The order of this verse is important- leave, cleave then one flesh. The positive teaching is that the physical creation., sex is good.
- Deuteronomy 22:13-19
- Virginity at the time of marriage is expected. Second, sex before marriage is termed as a disgracful act. Premaritial sex, even if it's between two consenting adults is wrong. (vs 23-24) And sex before marriage must lead to marriage. (c.28-29)
- Corinthians 6-7
- Casual sex is not trivial as satisfying physical hunger (verse 13). Bodies are important because God has brought them and will raise them. Pre-marital sex isn't a mini- marriage, but it is encroaching upon the holy ground of marriage in an unacceptable way. To be united with someone other than one's spouce is to tear away oneself away from Christ with whom we are spiritually united. In Chapter 7, Paul the Apostle addresseses the situation of how unmarriaged Christians are burning with passion (7:8-9) should either have self control, or get married.
Sex in the Bible
"Hooking up" with Facts from Freitas
"Hooking up" with Facts from Freitas
"Hooking up" with Facts from Freitas
"Hooking up" with Facts from Freitas
"Fish are friends not food" - Bruce

"You guys made me ink!" - Squirt
"He touched the butt" - Tad
"Just keep swimming" - Dori
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