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YCJA Action Plan

No description

Hockey Guy

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of YCJA Action Plan

YCJA Action Plan
Details of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)
Deals with youth offenders 12-17
Tries to deal with youth offenders in ways other than prison
Prevents the release of youth offender names
Compensate for immaturity of youth offenders when giving punishment
Allows youth offenders not to get a criminal record for committing a crime
Supposed to teach responsibility
Not using courts for minor crimes
I am going to lobby to make the YCJA more like the Canadian Criminal Code. To me it isn't a prevention of crime and it's resources could be spent elsewhere (like educating the homeless).
The Plan to Change the Act
In 2007 the Conservatives planned to bring in a bill to treat young offenders more harshly. Let's try to convince them that such a bill is needed.
Putting the Plan in Action (Part 1.)
I plan to contact the M.P. of my constituent and present my reasons why I want the act more harsh. I'll also send e-mails to people who work in the Justice department. If a young person commits a severe crime, I would organize protests at Parliment and the Supreme Court. Also I would make a Facebook and Twitter account that advocates for our postition. All of this would not cost a lot but would gain attention, as News media would cover it.
Reasons Why the YCJA needs to be Harsher
YCJA should be a deterrent to youth crime
We would save money spent on youth offenders as there wouldn't be a lot of them
90% of adult criminals who commit serious crimes have committed crimes when younger
Youth may believe that committing a crime isn't bad as the punishment is not hard on them
Even policemen think it's a joke
The YCJA receives little support as is
By: A.F.
What Would Happen
There'd be a reduction in youth and adult crime (people would learn lesson at young age)
Proof: In Singapore there is virtually zero crime as the punishments are really harsh
If a youth committed a serious crime we would know who did it to protect ourselves
Singapore Crime Rates
Aproximent Population of Singapore in 2011: 5 million
Not a lot of Crime
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Arguments Against My Position and My Responses
Punishments are already too harsh
If they were too harsh there would not be barely youth crime. Also harsh punishments will prevent repeat offenders. A punishment isn't harsh enough when kids boast that they've been to juvie.
Sending Youth to Jail will turn them to hardened criminals
Who says they will go to an adult prison? It would be a juvenile detention center where they'd have their behavior corrected.
Your not fixing the problems causing youth crime
The YCJA isn't fixing the problems either. However the money used to support all the systems of the YCJA could be spent on educating the poor and other crime preventing measures.
Shouldn't we focus on Rehablitating youth criminals instead of punishing them?
Rehablitation could be done at the same time as punishment. All we would have to do is say, "Hey this is what happens when you break the law", and prevent them from having a negative attitude.
If youth have a criminal record opportunities will be taken away
A criminal record should only be given out to youth offenders as they obviously haven't learned.
Won't youth not understand the importance of not breaking the law?
I believe that children should be taught the importance of not breaking the law so they understand why you shouldn't do it.
Putting the Plan in Action (Part 2.)
Also I'd run advertisements on T.V. and in the newspaper. However I'd only run them on/in more conservative stations/papers. These two would cost some money but would give a bang for their buck. Lastly I'd have a petition online. In those ads I'd ask people to sign it. Once the petition reaches a lot of people (say 1,000,000), I would present it to a criminal Parliament Committee
and ask them to change the YCJA to be tougher..
Why Does the YCJA Exist?
To teach responsibility
Make sure kids are treated accordingly to age and maturity
To rehabilitate and reintegrate youth
To protect society
To prevent kids form going to court
To deal with kids in a timely manner
Try to teach kids to make the right decision next time
To try to deal with causes of youth crime
Pros of YCJA
Cons of YCJA
Fair and equitable (accounts for individual needs and circumstances)
Efficient because fewer cases come before the courts
Police have more discretion to lay charges or not
Youth Justice Committees exist for all minority groups
Police can make poor choises
Gives leniency to those who don't deserve it (won't be corrected)
Root causes of crime are often poverty, lack of education addition, abuse and lack of opportunity
Consequences not meaningful enough
Youth Justice Committees not enough of a deterrent for some youth
Potential for bias in Youth Justice Committees
Youth Justice Committees may be to lenient or to harsh
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