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Sweeden Presentation

No description

Hue Ganus

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Sweeden Presentation

Where is it?
Sweden is quite a small country in Northern Europe. It neighbors onto Norway and Finland.
What language is spoken there?
In Sweden most people speak Swedish

In Swedish 'Hi' is 'hej'
How many people live there?
In July 2013 the population of Sweden was 9,119,423 (it has probably increased now)
Does it have a government (a democracy)
Sweden has a government as well as a constitutional monarchy.
Although the monachy is for solely for ceremonial purposes.
The culture in Sweden is very similar to that of Britain
87% of religion is Lutheran and other religions consist of:
Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist.
What problems does the country face?
In Sweden one of the problems faced by the country is it lacks significant oil and coal deposits and it also has a very expensive welfare system.
How rich is Sweden? (how good is the economy?)
In Sweden the economy is very varied some people are very wealthy and some are very poor (very similar to Britain in fact)
Swedish money
Would we like to live there?
Jacob: I don't know weather I'd like to live there but going on a holiday there would be cool.
Pewdiepie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (from Sweden) is the number one subscribed 'YouTuber' with over 10 million 'bros' (the name he calls his subscribers.
Mojang is a Swedish game making company that has created some very famous games. The most famous being minecraft; a world wide game with many people playing it.
The Swedish king
Jacob Langley,
Ross Moore,
Finn McKinney,
Chahine Kiady
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