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July 2013 Permie Meeting

July 30, 2013 6-7:30 pm at Green Valley Library

Jessica Penrod

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of July 2013 Permie Meeting

* August PLG Saturdays, PIC Sign-up
8/10... Jessica

*Mesquite Pancake Breakfast, November 2
- List desired sponsorships and contact
- Design a flyer for the event
Bring list of sponsors and flyer to first planning committee meeting August 13

Great Basin Permaculture
July 2013 Permie Meeting

Upcoming Events
Current Projects
The following all need a designated project leader. Please consider taking the helm on one of these if you are willing to organize future events. Comittment will last through the end of 2013. (See June meeting notes on specific to-dos, needs, wants, and desires)

•Permaculture Learning Garden
•Blackbird Studios Garden
•Alternative Economy
•Water Pilot Project
Catholic Workers' Garden (segway into design time)
Catholic Workers' Garden
* Pictures in dropbox
* Haves
* Needs
6:00-6:30 Takin' Care of Business
- Upcoming Events
- Current projects
- Book Exchange

6:30 - 7:30 Catholic Workers' Garden design time

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