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DECA Ad Campaign 2012

No description

Sarah Crowe

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of DECA Ad Campaign 2012

OtterBox OtterBox Campaign
Objectives Secondary Target
Market Selected
Advertising Primary Target
Market Campaign
Schedule "Innovative." Print Founded 1998
Chairman and Founder – Curt Richardson
Located in Fort Collins, CO
About OtterBox "There is nothing like it on the market." "Kudos to
OtterBox!" "OtterBox
saved my phone." Male

Ages 16-15, Generation Y

Northern and western areas of US

Suburban to rural community

Middle to high income level

Love outdoor activities and spending time in nature

Motivation to buy: word of mouth, social media, friend's advice Parents, Siblings, Spouses
of Primary TM The primary target market influences these people to purchase an OtterBox case. Residents And Tourists Residents and tourists living in
towns where OtterBox has a large
presence at trade shows and expositions. The Outdoor Community Spectators, participants, and professionals who are involved
in outdoor activities. Social Media Transit Sponsorships Print Magazine ads in: Sponsorship The Outdoor Channel Social Media Transit Chairlift Advertising #1. Promote the
OtterCares Foundation
and "A Case For A Cause" #2. Increase website traffic and online sales #3. Boost sales of the newest series; Armor, released January 8th, 2013 #4. Promote brand loyalty #5. Create excitement about possible new lines and products #6. Keep OtterBox the #1 selling smartphone case Planned Advertising Week 1: Video posted from YouTube, tweets posted, emails sent, all explaining “A Case For A Cause” and OtterCares Foundation Week 2: All magazine ads are published, transit ads are put in place, email sent advertising Armor series Week 3: Week 4: Sponsorship of Outdoor channel is
emphasized, OtterBox logo is shown at end of all programs Blog post published about possible new series and product lines, included are testimonials
from OtterBox users and Curt Richardson Planned Sales
Promotion Activities Week 1: Week 4: Week 3: Week 2: Week 1: 15% off sale (online only) Transit ads on chairlifts feature promotional code that allows viewers to purchase OtterBox case at discounted price using code (code only activated during this week) Cabela's will host live demonstration of OtterBox cases (Armor and Defender series) Free OtterBox giveaway via website and blog, win by writing testimonial of OtterBox product They carry seven series:
Armor, Defender, Commuter, Reflex, Prefix, Impact, and Pursuit
Device cases are waterproof, shatter proof, and scratch resistantCases available for: Apple, Blackberry, Dell, HTC, Kindle, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Nook, Palm, Pantech, Samsung, and Sony Budget
Breakdown Print - $740,000.00
Social Media - $0.00
Transit - $31,500.00
Sponsorships - $732,000.00
Ad Agency Fees - $871,750.00
(15% x total budget + production costs ($120,000.00)) Total Budget - $2,375,250.00

Weekly Budget (4 weeks) - $593, 812.50

Daily Budget (31 days) - $72,620.97

Est. Views Seen – 5,500,000 Views/Month

Cost per consumer view per $1.00 spent – 2.32 Views/$ Spent Total Budget and Views Statement of Benefits We as an advertising firm stand by this campaign knowing that it will effectively promote OtterBox as a company, as well as promote their products. We guarantee its' success to reach and meet the objectives set and demonstrated by our campaign as a whole.
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